May 29, 2012

How to Own Your First Home Sooner

 It seems that the dream of buying your own home has gotten further out of reach for most young people over the last ten years. While there are still ways that you can secure your own place, it may take a bit of creativity to be able to get there while you are still young. The following are just some of the ways you can have your own home sooner.

Start Saving Early

The sooner you start saving, the sooner you will be able to move into your own place, no matter what kid of home you are looking for. Once you decide you want a house, start putting aside as much money each week as you can, so that you will have a larger chunk of money to play with. Having some decent savings may mean you won’t have to borrow so much money, if any at all.

Most people think that buying a home has to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, though this isn’t necessarily the case. Whether you are looking for a 2-bedroom place or something a bit larger, kit homes are significantly cheaper than regular houses, making them extremely attractive options. Buying a rel="dofollow" kit home will likely mean you are spending an amount closer to what you can actually afford, and saving lots of money on mortgage repayments too.

Buy With Someone

If you are eager to move into a home of your own though can’t afford it just yet, it may be worth teaming up with a friend who is also looking at buying property. Combining your money will make it far easier to be able to afford a place, and it can be relatively simple sub-dividing a house so that the two of you have your own sections.  This is a great way to have a friend as your immediate neighbour as well as put a stop to the endless paying of rent.

Get Creative

Often people will have enough money for land but not a house, making their first home so close yet so far. If you are willing to get creative, you can turn this situation to your advantage and buy land that is vacant and start building your own structures on it. For example, a lot of people have begun improvising and making homes for themselves out of shipping containers, which while only costing a few thousand dollars, can actually provide quite a decent living space. Windows and doors can be made and for a very small amount of money, a great little liveable space can be created. You will still need approval from the local council to live in it, though this is a fabulous option for people who want to slowly save for a bigger and better place, while living in a cool creation and saving money on rent at the same time.

Win One

It definitely does happen, but the chances of you winning a house are quite slim, though unless you are in the draws, it’s true that you are no chance at all. It’s not the most solid plan for getting a house, though if you want to support the charities anyway, it may be worthwhile getting a ticket in the house lotteries every now and again, as you never know, you might just win it!

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