May 10, 2012

Interior Designer’s Best Kept Secrets to Make a Room Look Bigger

It is not challenging anymore to make a small room appear large. When a room is small, everything counts, and that is the basic reason why people look for ideas to make their small room look bigger. Today, it is easier to stretch out your small space to look large. The following are some clever tricks to achieve this goal without moving the walls:

De-Clutter the Room
A messy room with too much stuff spread around will make even larger rooms look small and cramped. Clutter is the first thing you should get rid of in order to determine the actual available space in your room. Clear the walk ways and get your needless collection out of the view. Arrange things neatly and keep any unnecessary things out of sight. This is the simplest way to open up the space and keep it in order.

Unify the Room
If your room has big windows that bring in the beauty of nature, unify the look of your room by bringing the sane colors in your room. This will expand the entire look and will make your room look neat and more spacious.

Use Right Colors
Colors like icy blues and cream shades are just few color combinations that can enlarge the look of a tiny room. Lighter colors have the ability to bluff the eyes by creating illusions. Rooms with lighter colors tend to look brighter and bigger. A combination of both bright and light colored walls will create a reflective feel, which will make the space look larger.

Use the Right Furniture
Stuffing up a room with huge and extra furniture will eat up all the available space in the room and will make it appear very small. It is highly advisable that you carefully choose the furniture for your smaller rooms. Since smaller rooms also lack storage areas, look for furniture that provides additional storage place along with fulfilling its basic purpose. Moreover, use same material and/or color of furniture to unify the look of the room.

Use Appropriate Lighting
Natural light gives personality to a room. Do not deprive your room of its character and let as much natural light in as possible. In case, there are no natural light resources in your room, use artificial lighting wisely to make your room appear brighter and bigger.

Use Mirrors
Mirrors create a reflective illusion in the room. This eventually opens up the tiny space in your room. Identify the focal point and adjust the mirror accordingly. Mirrors are also effective in reflecting both artificial and natural light, which makes the room brighter. Use mirror cabinets in the room, which will not only create additional storage space but will also make the space look uncluttered and large.

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