May 31, 2012

Making the Most of Under Desk Office Space

In today’s office environment, there is very little personal workspace in the average cubicle, and it can be even worse if you are working in a home office. Sometimes desks are so small that you need to get creative with what little space you have, in order to keep things tidy and efficient. The following are a few ways that you can use extra space under your desk in an organised way so that you feel less cramped while working.

  1. Bookshelf Desks
A really good design idea for rectangular desks is the bookshelf desk. The general idea is that instead of regular legs for a desk, you use low-rise bookshelves to hold up the table. Square bookshelves that are about 75-centimetres tall serve as a good average height for the desk, and they are great because you can store books, binders or files within reach, but not in your way.

  1. Horizontal Shelving
Another layer of shelving under the desk might be just what you need when it comes to maximising your office space. An unobtrusive shelf, close to the floor, that mimics the shape of your desk – remembering to leave room for your legs – is a great place to stack boxes of files or other odds and ends that won’t inhibit your working space. You can get special storage boxes that stack well for easy access when you need it.

  1. Mobile Pedestals
Mobile pedestals are probably one of the most common storage solutions for underneath the desk. To create more space for various office supplies or files, many people turn to these small drawers or filing cabinets on wheels that can be efficiently stowed underneath the desk. While you are working, you then have the option to roll out the pedestal to have it beside you to make for easy access to the drawers as well as extra table space.

  1. Pegboard
Many workspaces these days require a lot of electronics, such as computers, laptops, CPUs, wireless routers, power bars and phones. You don’t want all these things cluttering up your desk, nor do you want to just have them in a pile on the floor under your desk with cords everywhere. One really interesting solution to the clutter associated with electronics is to install pegboard on the underside of your desk. Now you can secure all your electronics and wires to the underside of your desk using brackets and wires. This is also a great solution because it’s easy to shift things around to make room for new electronics as they come.

  1. Under-Table Mount Rack
Metal mount racks can attach directly to the underside of the table. These racks are mostly used to hold a CPU, however you can use it to hold just about anything else. The great thing about these is that not only is the CPU, or whatever else, out of your way, but it is still at an accessible height and within reach. Many of these mount racks are also retractable and have a swivel feature, which allows for access to the wire ports on the back.
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