May 3, 2012

How to Secure Your Home before a Holiday

Going away on holidays? It’s always a good idea to take the necessary steps to secure your home so that you can enjoy your break, without worrying about your home. So what are the steps you should take a week before you leave and just before you walk out the door? Read on to find out.

Cover your bases

One of the first things to do is to make sure your home insurance policy and car insurance is all up to date. They’d be nothing worse than returning home only to find out something disastrous took place and you aren’t covered. Of course fingers crossed this won’t happen, but it’s always better to play it safe by making sure your insurance is all in check.

Talk to a neighbour

It’s always a good idea to let those who live around you know that you will be going away. That way, if they see people coming up to the house, they’ll be able to do something about it. An overflowing mail box is a sure sign to burglars that no one is at home. So ask your neighbour to collect your mail for you while you’re on holidays.

Making it look like there is someone at home

A great way to keep your home looking as if you’re there is to use timers on your lights. As soon as it hits dusk, have your timers activate certain lights in your home. These are easy to operate, and can be bought at most hardware stores for a reasonable price.

Make sure all electrical goods are off

Rather than just turning lamps, kitchen appliances and your TV off at the switch, why not turn them off at the power point? Televisions still use power even in standby mode so it’s worth turning them off at the power source. Things like electric blankets need to be switched off too to ensure they don’t cause a fire. Each year electric blankets cause fires across the country and as we head into winter, more and more people forget to make sure they are switched off.

Securing your car

Make sure your car is parked securely in your garage or car port before you head off. Double check that it’s locked, the lights are off and all the windows are up.

Double Check everything is secure

Give yourself five minutes or so once everyone is outside to go into each room and make sure that every window is locked and secured, and all electrical appliances are turned off at the power point. This last minute check will ensure that everything is secure, and will make sure you have complete peace of mind while you’re away.

The most important thing to remember when going on holidays is to try not to rush out the door without confirming that everything is off and secure. Give yourself enough time for a final last look, to make sure that you’ve done everything you can to keep your home as safe as possible, while you enjoy your holiday.
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