May 10, 2012

Adding a New Dimension to Your Home with Outdoor Blinds

Adding outdoor blinds to your patio area can provide style, functionality and versatility. Even better, they can be made to fit everything from the smallest alfresco area to the biggest custom-made patios. There are a wide range of styles and options to choose from that not only look good but help keep the sun, wind and rain at bay, making your outdoor entertaining area perfect for year-round use.
If you are considering outdoor blinds for your home, a bit of research and preparation can go a long way. The internet makes it easy to find information about everything – from pool supplies to home loans – and patio blinds are no different. Measure your patio to give you an idea of how many blinds you may require, and then search in the comfort of your own home for the best blinds to suit your lifestyle.
The Benefits of Outdoor Blinds
Depending on what you hope to achieve from your entertaining area, patio blinds can be made to suit your individual circumstances. In many cases they are used as a windbreak, preventing everything from blowing away during an afternoon barbecue or by blocking a cold winter wind. They can be placed on just one side of the patio or made to completely enclose an outdoor area, creating a whole new room that is available for year-round use. Many outdoor blinds actually block UV light – up to 90% in many cases – which makes it cooler when sitting out on the patio. They can even help keep your home cool in the summer months by blocking out the heat before it hits your windows.
Versatile and Practical
One of the biggest advantages of patio blinds is that they can be custom-made to fit any area. They don’t have to left down all the time either, giving you greater control over the environment in your outdoor entertaining area. Depending on the type of blind, they can be rolled all the way up or partially opened to make the most of the weather. They are simple to operate as well – they may use zippers, rollers, a hand-cranking mechanism or even a motorised system that makes their operation as simple as pushing a button. A full set of blinds can make your patio a place for entertaining, even in the winter months. With the blinds latched in place and a heater in use, your patio can be a pleasant place to entertain.
Seek Expert Advice
Because every patio and outdoor area is different in size and shape, it is a good idea to get expert advice on what suits your area and needs best. An accurate measure is also important and the people make and install your patio blinds can take the measurements, to eliminate the risk of a poor fit. They can also advise on the best way to fix the blinds in place and the mechanics of opening and closing them.
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Icy BC said...

I wish I have more outdoor space to add on like this..

Rogers said...

Thanks for the update. You have a huge outdoor space for installing outdoor blinds.

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