May 19, 2012

Using Designer Furniture in Your Home

Designer furniture in your home is a great way to add something special to your overall design. It is a great way to complement modern design elements such as polished concrete flooring or funky, bright coloured walls.

Whether you just want to buy a feature furniture piece or decorate your entire home with a particular designers range of furniture you need to know before you buy what you want from your home.

Complementing Other Design Elements

There is a big difference between having something that looks great and having something that looks great and is a useful part of your home. Most modern designers understand that a piece of furniture will not be a standalone element in a home and so they are designed to fit in with other elements. For example, using smooth featured furniture like a polished concrete coffee table works great to match polished concrete flooring such as HTC superfloor.

When you are buying designer furniture be sure to think about the overall design that you want for the house. While you will find pieces that you love they may not match the general theme or colour scheme of your home. You might also run into the problem that your designer furniture stands out too much in your home, and it will make the rest of your home look dull.

Keeping Within Your Budget

It is important when looking at more expensive designer furniture to make sure you have your budget set out. It is no use decorating your lounge room and spending your entire budget on a coffee table! Make a list of the rooms you will be decorating as well as the money you can afford. Then you have to list the types of furniture pieces that you will need to buy or replace.

Don’t forget you might have a little bit of extra money from selling the furniture that you currently have in your home. You can either do this on Ebay or simple placed a classified ad somewhere. You might also want to look to these places for specific designer furniture that others might be getting rid of.

Alternatives to Designer Furniture

For those of you who are on a budget and just can’t afford to furnish their home with the big names they might want to consider some of the copies. While originals are the best, many big name designers are copied quite quickly due to popularity. Or, you can also use shops like IKEA that specialise in bringing lots of designers to the public at a more affordable price. Even if they are not the biggest name designers you will still get modern furniture that will look great in your home for a much more affordable price.

Whatever it is you need for your home the idea of ‘designer’ can mean many things. However, it is more important that a piece of furniture fits in with your general home design than who might have designed it or made it. Keep your head when looking for these high-end furniture pieces otherwise you could end up with a high priced designer mistake!
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