Mar 17, 2017

What To Keep In Mind While Designing Bedroom Of Your Teenager?

So, you are finding some beautiful yet impressive ideas to design the bedroom of your teenage kid. Well, before going into all brainstorming ideas and designs, first and foremost thing which you should consider is the way they think. Try and see what teenagers need and loves to have in their bedrooms.
Do you remember your teenage time, you would have been a moody child who always wanted what you needed but many times you couldn’t get everything you wished for? Start thinking from your teenage kid’s perspective. It is quite difficult, we know! Their way of seeing things is a lot different. Unlike you, as a parent, they don’t expect from their bedroom what you do. For them, a bedroom is their den, a place where they are away from the world of hatred, judgement, chaos and rules.

A teenage kid needs his/her own space where he/she can unabashedly express themselves. Of course, a bedroom is a good option! All their discordant things and unpredictable choices can be tied together with a little bit of planning.

Here are some mind-boggling ideas to design a bedroom for teenagers:

·Should Be a Multi-Purpose Room
Do not consider their bedroom only just a sleeping area. It is way more than just a sleeping space, it is more like a spot where they can do whatever they like, be who they are, where they can chill, play games, study silently and lounge with friends that are a lot important than sleeping. According to a survey conducted by on global teenagers that number 1 thing that every teenager wants to have in their bedroom is a poster or a frame of them with their friends. Try and add it while including these 3 areas: A sleeping space, a study area and a spot to hang out with their friends.

·Throw Some Flashy, Bold Designs on Wall
No teenager loves to have a room possessing dull and boring wall paints. Yes, adults prefer a calmer and soothing paint on their bedroom walls but teenagers are totally different. They appreciate a vibrant, classy and bold wall art in their room. It actually helps in embarking energy within them. Some of the most favorite bedroom ideas include walls. Let’s see some ideas:

# Wall decals as they can be removed whenever wanted
# Vibrant wall solid color
# Beloved quote or word in neon colors
# Giving wall a custom printed treatment
# For urban style, graffiti or pattern printing wall treatment

·Add Palpable Textures
For teens, they value their room more than many things in this world as they consider it as their mini, self-contained apartment. Their bedroom has to be a versatile place where they can sleep and study and chill with their friends. Talking of versatility, add some soft and textured elements in their room, maybe some fabrics or items. Examples:
# Hang fringes around the bed
# Differently colored pillows and cushions
# To divide the space, hang beautifully textured curtains
# A rug of faux fur can do the trick
# Smooth velvet wallpaper

·Lending with Ample Storage Options
Let’s face it! organized rooms and teenagers is a rare combination. Have you ever seen a teenager keeping everything in the place it was kept before or keeping clothes in wardrobe orderly? Well, not every teenager does that and it’s their rite of passage. Options like drawers, cabinets around the bed, storage bins under the bed, shelves, etc. can help them keep the place tidy.

To show your love towards your teens, you need to understand their point of view and the way they think. Then only you can even think of bedroom interiors design ideas for your young laddie or lassie. For further help, you can always contact professional interior designers and home planners.

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