Mar 20, 2017

Design your Teen Boy’s Bedroom with Love

You must be agreeing with the fact that like every adult, a teenage boy also needs some space and privacy for himself. That is obvious because the age demands so. This is that time when they try taking the extra attention in their hobbies, studies and other interests during the course of the time. So, to take care of them, all that is required in the initial step is to set up a bedroom with great planning. As you are planning to buy a residential apartment in Ballygunge soon, make sure you design your teen boy’s room with proper planning and utmost care. Browse the internet to find inspirational ideas to design your boy’s room. The more you explore the designs, the more you can plan your ideas, thereby, setting up the room accordingly.

Now, let us be honest, teen boys are not at all tidy and so they need help to stay organized. Their rooms are usually messy and disorganized. To give their rooms a good feel you must be very careful while designing the area. They usually prefer their bedrooms to look cool and smart. So, to design their rooms, let us help you with some interesting ideas as follows:

  • Check, what your teen boy is in love with. Pick out his favourite words and put them in light marquis or neon signs on the wall. You can also take out his favourite phrases. No wonder, this would be a great idea to make your son fall in love with his room. 
  • In order to create a stylish accent in his room, use wall paints that come in bold/deep colours. Using of wooden stripes on the walls can create a unique look overall. 
  • As teenagers love to get their rooms designed in their favourite colours, they do prefer their hobbies to get equal attention. See, what your son is fond of and then decide the setting accordingly. For example, if he is in love with music, especially drums and guitar, you can set up the musical instruments or add wallpaper with musical notes designed on it. 
  • Adding a perfect theme in your boy’s room will certainly create an interesting environment. Themes can be based on music, sports, travelling and so on. In fact, adding themed decor accessories to your boy’s room can make the room all the more interesting. Even planes, sports cars, astronomy and the tall ships are other favourite themes, which can be suitable for your boy’s room. 
  • How about themed bedroom furniture, wall posters and flags to create a unique ambience in the room? No wonder this would create a nice private place for your boy to rest, dream and play in his comfort. 
  • As sports play a significant role in a boy’s life, you can also work on the bed as well. Make creative bed headboard designs with the help of hockey sticks or bats and see how it looks. You can even arrange for wall shelves displaying hockey packs, sports photographs, trophies, gloves and balls.

Hope, these ideas will be helpful to you when designing your teen boy’s room. So, when you are thinking to buy a residential apartment in Ballygunge, make sure you keep the above-mentioned points in your mind when crafting the room for your boy. 

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