Mar 6, 2017

The Best Multi-Tools In The Market

When you travel outdoors, the first thing that most people pack is a multi-tool. Multi-tools have come a long way from the days of the Swiss Army knife. Nowadays, there are a variety of multi-tools and each better than the other. Given below are some of the best multi-tools in the market.
Leatherman Charge TTi:
Leatherman is one of the leaders in the multi-tool segment. They have launched many wonderful products and thought most of them need to be in the list of best multi-tools, we chose the Leatherman Charge TTi. The best part is that it is a full sized tool and so you can carry it with you on your outdoor trips in your bag, rather than keeping it in your pocket, though it is possible to keep it in your pocket too if the need arises. Leatherman Charge TTi is praised by customers and testers alike in their reviews.

The main tools are pliers both needle nose and standard, a serrated knife and a more common knife, wire cutters, a saw, bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver bits etc. The multi-tool is made of stainless steel and has titanium grips and can be easily used with one hand. The tool is available from $130.

SOG Multi-tool:
Like Leatherman, SOG has been making multi-tools for decades. The company tries to come up with new innovations regularly. The SOC multi-tool comes with 16 tools including knives, wire cutters, bottle openers, nose pliers, can openers, screw drivers etc. All the essential items when traveling is available in one tool and that too designed by the best craftsmen in the business.

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi-tool:
Gerber along with Bear Grylls have come together and designed the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi-tool. The tool is made from very high quality products. The best part is the ergonomically designed grip made of rubber which ensures that the tool will not slip when you use it. The multi-tool consists of screw drivers, bottle openers, can openers, nose plier, wire cutters, scissors, screw drivers, saw, knives both fine edged and serrated. In short, you get all the tools that you require when you are outdoors.

There are many other multi-tools such as the Victorinox SwissTool, many other Leatherman products, many other Gerber products etc. But the above mentioned are better than the others according to us due to the points mentioned above.

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