Mar 10, 2017

Safe Storage of a Refrigerator

There is a little bit of work involved in getting a refrigerator ready for storage, but most of it takes very little time and effort. The reward is knowing that the appliance will be in top condition when you decide to take it back out and put the refrigerator to work.
Defrost and Clean Before Storing

A necessary part of safe storage with a refrigerator is to rid the appliance of all food grime and moisture. It is recommended to unplug the refrigerator a week in advance of placing it in storage. Allow all of the condensation dry up before moving it to another location.

Secure Doors So That Small Children Cannot Climb Inside

It is important to secure the doors if you plan to keep the refrigerator stored in a garage, basement or extra room. Small children can accidentally find a way to open the door, climb inside and Become trapped if the door closes. Try and position the doors were they are against another heavy object, or a wall.

Keep Refrigerator In An Upright Position

Keep a refrigerator in as close to an upright position as possible when it needs to be moved. never tilt the appliance on the side. You will cause a huge problem with the operation of the condenser. If you have to tilt it a little bit, wait for at last two days before plugging the unit in. When tipped too far the oil will run from the compressor to the condenser, but be unable to go back one the refrigerator is turned on and allowed to coil. The compressor will then burn out due to not having the oilo it needs to operate correctly.

Keep the refrigerator Stored In a Dry Area

Make sure that the area you plan to store a refrigerator is sheltered from inclement weather and not prone to flooding. Getting the appliance wet will not help the safe storage at all. Serious flooding can damage the electrical components and kill the refrigerator.

Do Not Pay Extra for Climate-Controlled Storage Units

If you are planning to place the refrigerator in a self-storage unit, stick with the standard units. There is no need to pay extra for climate-controlled environments. Refrigerators are an electrical appliance, but they are not that sensitive to humidity changes.

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