Mar 10, 2017

Show-Stopping Home Decor Trends that Are Shaping 2017

Every New Year comes with innovations in terms of home décor trends that we cannot wait to see in reality. Everyone enjoys seeing a house that has been decorated with good taste and by following the latest trends. Not to mention how great you feel when you actually get to live in a house that is perfectly decorated to represent you as its owner. 2017 is the year when you should make this dream become reality for you as well.

All you need to do is come up with a smart interior design project that will follow the show-stopping home décor trends that are shaping 2017. This way, you will find yourself living in your own little piece of heaven before summer. You might not even feel the need to go on holidays this way because you will want to spend as much time as possible in your little spot of happiness. Let’s make a list of such trends and start working on our dream project.

Bright Green Shades: The New Interior Design Trend

Whereas in the past people seemed to be reluctant to use bold colors for interior design, the green inspiration from nature has conquered everyone this year. The new color of the year in terms of interior décor trends is the cheery shade of green that brings your interior home space back to life. You will see this color in home decoration projects as well as in the case of commercial design that follows the latest trends. This is now called the Pantone Color of 2017 and will represent perfect revitalization and refreshment inside your home.

Choose Copper to Go Beyond Gold and Silver This Year

It looks like interior design specialists want to make a shift of perspective from silver and gold to copper this year. We can only agree with their decision after seeing great items that incorporate the fashionable copper accent to your lovely space. The uses of copper are versatile and can help you decorate your home in a unique manner. It can help you add a touch of glamour to any tablscape using copper vases or make a bold statement through copper light textures. Not to mention the great results you can achieve just by using copper flatware that will bring your sense of elegance to the surface. 
Marble Wallpapers Have Made Their Way onto Walls This Year

No modern home decoration project could leave the walls out of sight. Those who wish to follow the modern trends in this category should know that marble wallpapers are widely appreciated by interior design specialists right now. Combined with navy blue interiors, these shift the emphasis from white interiors used in the past to playful, colorful interiors that have become the new trend of 2017.

On the same path of innovation, you can also find hygge on top of the list of trends to follow in 2017 if you wish to redecorate your home. These items translate into cozy contentment and perfect comfortable feelings. At the end of your interior design project, light a few candles and just enjoy the changing path of your life in the brand-new home you now have at your disposal. 
Tropical Prints Are Back on the Map

Another great trend of 2017 that you should follow for home décor projects is the use of tropical prints. These have found their way back on the map in a totally unique yet powerful way. Such prints will continue to be noticed in gorgeous wallpapers as well as designer fabrics that will amaze you by the end of this ear. Such prints are no longer out of character and can be combined with a wide variety of accessories that will change the whole mood of your interior living space. 

When you choose plain sofas and choose to change these with trendy pillows that feature tropical prints you can achieve amazing interior decors that everyone will appreciate. Moreover, patterned roller blinds are also considered in trend this year so you can take advantage of these during your redecoration project. These ensure perfect design patterns and the privacy you need inside your home. Make bold choices in 2017 and become the new interior designer that knows all about modern trends and how to use these to cover his personal needs and requirements at home.

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