Mar 9, 2017

What to Do for Keeping Your Air Conditioning Works Best

With summer a few months away, some basic maintenance to your air conditioning unit now is a good idea. Extended below freezing times and harsh winters can affect how your system works. A few checks can help to ensure a trouble-free summer. Otherwise, you may need AC repair the Woodlands sooner than anticipated.

Inspecting the Outdoor Unit Panels

The outdoor unit panels are used to enclose electrical connection that are vital to having a properly working air conditioning system. These panels must be in place to not only protect the system, but to also protect you.

A misaligned or missing panel from the wind poses potential risks for you and how the equipment operates. You should contact a qualified repair technician if the covering is missing or out of place. Receiving a professional assessment before starting the system ensures everything is working properly.

Check for Damaged Pipe Insulation

Refrigerant that keeps your house cool flows to the back of the compressor through a suction line. If there is damage to this part, the outdoor unit loses the required cooling and can damage the system.

Damaged foam insulation may occur from sun rot, animals looking for shelter or when freezing water gets trapped in the foam. Any of these conditions may require having the pipe insulation repaired or replaced before your AC is summer-ready.

Remove Debris from Outdoor Condenser Coil

Trash or vegetation might have blown against the condenser coil. Debris limits the effect of this part to transfer heat. Removing the debris from the coil and areas surrounding it helps to ensure you receive the best possible performance out of your unit all summer long. This includes the tendency to pack mulch around the base of the unit.

Change Air Filters

At the point of each season change, it is a good idea to replace indoor air filters. This is especially true if you live in an area that experiences bitter winters. During this time, there is a strong possibility that more debris and dust than is normally expected has gathered inside the air filter.

Basically, a brief inspection of your AC can help to keep it running through the hottest summer and fall days. A licensed HVAC technician can conduct a thorough inspection that ensures you avoid a system failure on the hottest day of the season. The technician will also address concerns you might have, so getting their professional opinion is very important.

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