Mar 25, 2017

Tips On Waterproofing Your Bathroom

One of the most vital factors to consider when it comes to your bathroom is waterproofing it. Considering the high risk of accidents that occur because of slips and falls, it is mandatory that you take tips on waterproofing bathroom. This will not really take up too much of your time or even cost a lot but with simple changes, this can be really done.

Change Your Flooring

As a rule of thumb, the first thing that you should do here is waterproof makes the floor safer. This can be done using a lot of methods. The first is of course the flooring, which is easy to do if you are remodeling your bathroom or getting a new one done. This bathroom waterproofing method is highly recommended. Instead of using slippery tiles or even using marble, think about using natural stones. These stones are much coarser and thus prevent the bathroom from getting too wet and absorbing the water. Also, naturally pebbled stones work quite well here. They are able to reduce the risk of falls by providing a natural texture to the floors.

Get Cubicles And Curbs Installed

Another method that always works when it comes to bathroom waterproofing is getting curbs installed, especially near the shower and the commode area. Often, water tends to spill from these places and makes the floor wet. So what you can do is have curbs and barriers set up that restrict the water from coming onto the main bathroom floor. For example, a glass shower cubicle does the trick quite well. It keeps the water restricted to just the shower area and gives you enough freedom to prevent the water from coming over to the other side. Similarly, having curbs at the gate is recommended too. This prevents the bathroom water from coming outside.

Get Rugs And Mats

Another economical method to fix your issues of bathroom waterproofing would be getting anti-slip mats and rugs. These are particularly useful if you don’t have the option to renovate your bathroom right now or change the floors. These come with special sealants on the bottom that attach themselves well to the bathroom floor. Then when you get out of the bath or seat, you can wipe your legs on these or stand on them when wiping to prevent risks of falls. You can get something more colorful and decorative.

Get Plumbing Examined On A Regular Basis

Apart from this, you should also consider the option of getting your home’s plumbing checked on a regular basis. Bathroom waterproofing is essential in this regard because the damage usually starts from the plumbing line. So think about hiring a professional plumber who can do regular maintenance and check on this for you. Remember that in most cases, the plumbing would not only make waterproofing a problem but also wreck your bathroom furniture, which would in turn lead to added costs.

These are a few little things that help in making the bathroom a safer place. Bathroom waterproofing can be done through simple methods and with just a bit of maintenance it will help you in easier bathroom management as well. So do try and remember these factors the next time you almost slip and injure yourself in the bathroom. A few changes such as having handrails on the wall or some kind of support too can prevent accidents. Do keep a sealant handy so that whenever there is a leak, you can fix it on a temporary basis till the plumber arrives and fixes it professionally – and thus minimize the risks and possibility of accidents too.

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