Mar 17, 2017

Space-saving tips to make your home look big

So you have been looking for a 2BHK flat for sale in Sarjapur Road for quite some time and have finally settled upon an apartment that best meets your budget, location, infrastructure and other requirements? You are now ready to completely settle down in your new apartment and create plenty of new memories with all the members of your family. However, if you think that the place could have been a bit bigger than what it is, fret not as we bring you a number of excellent methods by which you can expand the whole area and make it seem bigger than it actually is. Here are some of easy home décor techniques that you can use to make your home look big.

  •  Just by shoving all your furniture against the corners or the wall does not ensure that you will have a larger room. You should try angling your sofa or bed in a way that offers plenty of space in the room to walk or move around. You can also float the sofa in your living room and have a skinny console placed just behind it. By adding more breathing room around the furniture pieces in your room, you can create the appearance of additional space.
  • Try painting your walls with lighter shades as they feel more expansive and automatically create a sense of space in the room. While the dark colours are often considered to be design-friendly, they generally tend to make a room look much smaller than it actually is. Therefore, you should stick to different pale shades or colours such as cream, white, pale grays, lilacs and blues in order to keep the décor light, open and airy. Many luxury apartments in Sarjapur Road Bangalore are now painted by using this strategy as it has been found to be quite popular with home buyers.
  • Invest in furniture pieces that not only beautify your home but also streamline the look of your living space. You can try out wooden furniture with a vintage look or a bed with a built-in storage for tucking away all the blankets and books. This will not only help you to keep the rooms tidy and clean but also allow you to make effective use of the small space that you have got in your home.
  •  One of the best and quickest methods to make a room look larger than its actual size is by making use of mirrors. Although you may not ideally look for mirrors that extend from one wall to another, you can definitely place oversized full length mirror against one of the key walls or even choose to hang multiple ones in a salon style that will effectively give rise to a statement wall.
  • Make use of small dining tables or ones that have little drop leaves. This allows it to easily become smaller when it is not in use. You can use these simple tricks for the small areas in your home. Not only such furniture pieces can enhance the appeal of your living area but also encourage people to spend more time in the dining area.
  • Use only a single color to paint your walls and for adding further detailing and trimming. You can experiment with different shades of a single color if you like. For instance, you can opt for white, beige and off-white for expanding the size of a room. Alternately, pair multiple gallery white walls by using a pale gray shade for trimming and detailing; this will help you to create an open air French-inspired room. The apartments for sale in Sarjapur road, Bangalore that are currently being developed can present you with a wide range of options to experiment with such décor styles.
  • Try expanding the appearance of your room by having a single piece of large furniture item such as a sofa placed strategically. 

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