Mar 21, 2017

Feng Shui Tips for a happy and harmonious home

From the last few decades, Feng Shui has been embraced gracefully into our Indian Vaastu. Although it is a Chinese phenomenon, now it has been used as a global designing tool used at diverse type of home or office. 

Most homeowners and villas in Bangalore are keen these days to design their home in such a way that follows Feng Shui energies.
After all who doesn't want to be part of the goodness of chi!?
Feng Shui translates to balance 'wind-water'. It stands to be a definition to tap positive energy from the universe.
Many might use Feng Shui unwittingly throughout the house and fail to get the essence of harmony within the family. Let us check out a few fundamental Feng Shui tips that can bring in prosperous, healthy and a joyous lifestyle.
1. Doorstep of your house is one of the Feng Shui methods to start with. The path directing to the door must be a curved not just straight. So that the negative energy stays apart. A good entrance is an absolute bliss and must for good chi to flow. The door should be maintained well and always uncluttered throughout the walkway.

 2. Feng Shui mantra works well when essentials decor and accessories are placed. The more free space, it creates an easy flow of positive energy. Say no to any damaged decors, even a stuck clock has to be replaced throughout the house. Same with tube lights or bulbs.

3. Be smart at choosing interior colours. The hues create an enormous impression and it is an integral part of all the rooms.  It is your mind so use natural shades as much as possible it even uplifts the space which includes the cupboards too. Probably living or dining room can be a bit more vibrant. For example a light shade or a combination of two or three colours with some hanging pot plants or on the window sill will deliver a visual treat. Hanging chimes can bring in positive vibrations. Stay hooked off from iPods and Smartphone while you just relax walking around. It is more of natural music that heals.

4. Avoid any huge decors or probably a single art on one single wall. Hang something which you are fond off. Happiness is a positivity you gain. So never be surrounded with decors that encounters your attitude. It is all about creating your own reflection in a simpler style.

5. There is no Feng Shui rule installed without any indoor greenery.
For those independent villas in Bangalore, one can hang potted plants at the balcony and lucky bamboo plant can be kept at the centre table or window side instantly gives positive vibes. Depending upon your requirements it can be placed at the southeast or east.

6. Get the right balance. Sharp-edged decor can harm seriously; eventually more so if kids are around. Feng Shui prefers rounded edges with a smooth finish. This also helps in the rotation of positive force. Try to get that five element designed decor for the home. A combination of earth, fire, wind, water and metal.  For example, glass table represents water, whereas ceramic material symbolizes earth and a lovely set of candle decor represents fire elements.

7. Something you should never miss or never forget. It is the room lighting. It has to be accurate because dark corners in the room are bad chi.  Natural lighting brings in the positive and vibrant atmosphere throughout the day. A combination of recessed and focused lights should take in charge post-evening. Quality air and Quality lights is always refreshing!

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