Mar 2, 2017

Various Materials Used In Kitchen Cabinets

Today’s era is of excessive choices. No matter wherever you go, whatever you buy, whichever type you choose, there are tons of choices. Right from the café down the street, where your brain is struggling between a cappuccino and latte, cream or without, white sugar or brown sugar. If you want to look for a decent and strong material for your kitchen cabinets, you will face a similar problem.
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You probably hired a professional interior designer and he/she is throwing some amazing material options at your and you are standing still trying to figure out material’s names. Here you will get a great help in grabbing knowledge about which material is good and which is not. 

  • Marine Ply
Want a durable and long lasting material? Here is Marine Ply material which is made up of core veneers and durable face that makes it everybody’s favorite. Resistant to fungal attacks, de-laminating and humidity as some of the core features of this material. It is mainly seen in the kitchen where “waterproof” is meant to be a big boon.
  • Pre-Laminated Particle Board
Cabinet material can often be heavy on your pockets. If cost is the primary aspect of yours, pre-laminated particle board is the material for you. While manufacturing, a laminated surface is attached to the face of it which gives an aesthetic appeal and choices. 
  • Wood-Plastic Composite 
People who want a look of wood and qualities of plastic, wood plastic composite is the ideal option for them. It is one of the newest material options available in the market for kitchen cabinets. As the name suggests, it is made out of the wooden base, fibre and thermoplastics due to which, it consists of properties like sturdiness, easy to maintain and clean, resistant to decay and rot and waterproof.
  • Wood
Now, here is the old-school material which has been in the industry for decades and still winning hearts. If you can’t resist the feel and look of wood, then consider using this material for your cabinets of the kitchen. Always choose solid wood material as it is capable of holding strong even after endless wear and tear. For the people who are tight on their budget yet want to lend their kitchen with wooden feel, rubberwood is a cost-effective option. 

So, these are four materials which have become options to choose from for kitchen cabinets and even shutters. If you want the best kitchen cabinet interior design ideas, you can consult a professional interior designer and make your kitchen cabinets look appealing.

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