Mar 24, 2017

Did you know These Tips for Choosing the Right Plumber?

Hiring the right plumber is a task easier said than done. Plumbers are responsible for repairing and installing of:
·         Water Heaters
·         Faucets
·         Showers
·         Toilets
·         Toilet Tanks

The homeowner should choose the right plumber because failing to hire a high-quality, as well as excellent plumber, might result in a huge monetary loss.

If you are clueless on hiring an affordable yet brilliant plumber, then here are few simple yet effective tips to your rescue.

Incorporate the following tips to get your hands on an amazing plumber!

Licensed to carry out the Plumbing Job
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Before hiring a plumber make sure that he is licensed to undertake the plumbing job. His license ensures that:

  • He is well-equipped with the know-how of plumbing technicalities
  • He has an experience of undertaking repair jobs
  • He can carry out the task efficiently and effectively

In short, the license is an assurance or a trust that the hired plumber would not compromise on the quality while offering his services.

Certified By a Trusted Body/Authority/Organization
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Consider this. You somehow obtain a license to practice medicine or medical profession. Now the license is not sufficed for you to practice that profession. You need to have a certification from an organization or authority that brand you as a chemist, doctor or a surgeon.

Similarly, do check for the plumber’s certification. See that he is certified by a trusted or renowned authority or organization. Also, make sure that he is not involved in any fraudulent practices.

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Many homeowners have this wrong notion prevailing among them that for handyman services, there is no need of any insurance.
·         Electricity
·         Plumbing
·         Pest Control

These are some of the services for which insurance is indispensable. This is so because these jobs are quite risky and in case of any injury to either the service seeker or provider, coming to a middle ground could be quite tricky as well as problematic.

Not merely insured but the plumber should be bonded as well. When the plumbing professional or contractor of a plumbing company gets hurt, neither he nor his company can sue you for the damage. Thus, you cannot be held responsible in case of any accident or lost wages.

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You must be waiting for this factor or wondering why the price has been kept in the middle. There is a need to understand that when it comes to finalizing a plumber, the price is not the only factor that you should consider.

A plumber charging a very high price for his service may not offer you quality service, or a plumber who has low costs for his service may not offer inferior service to you. There are numerous rules that you need to understand and consider under the price factor. For instance:

·         Get the quote or the cost figure in writing from the plumber.
·         Before finalizing a plumber, ask him what will be done if any additional repairs are required due to any unforeseen circumstance. Will he undertake it in the same price, or will he charge extra?
·         Instruct the plumber to always consult you with undertaking any extra repair that demands an extra amount.
·         If the plumbing professional is charging in excess as compared to other plumbers, ask him what all services will be covered in that extra price.
·         In case, if the plumber’s quote is far cheaper than the quote of everyone else, then ensure that he doesn’t use any cheap material in the repair. Examine carefully after the repair is done.

All in all, you need to figure out the scope of work in their quote. Hire the plumber only when you are satisfied with the explanation.

Find Out Reviews
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There are a plenty of sources from where you can obtain reviews on the plumber you are planning to hire. You just need to make sure that the sources are authentic and offer you genuine review and not the adulterated one.

Some of the trusted sources which can offer you reviews on the professional are:
·         Last homeowner who hired the plumber
·         Your near and dear ones who have recommended you the plumber
·         The testimonials on the plumber’s or plumbing company’s website
·         Check the social media page/profile of the plumber to see the reviews
·     See the plumbers’ community pages over the internet to find out any specific information about the plumber you are going to hire.

Once you feel that the reviews are positive and in favor of the plumber, you can hire him for the plumbing emergency.
Experience of the Plumbing Work
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Ask the plumber his experience in the plumbing niche. Experience is one such thing that could flourish you with a fair idea of the quality of his work. However, if you get a hand on a plumber who is:
·         Experienced
·         Verified
·         Reliable
·         Certified
·         Affordable

Then ensure that you do not let go such a professional for your plumbing emergency.

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It is very important to look for a plumber who is professional in offering you his services. This is so because:
·         Professional plumbers finish their work on the committed time.
·         They ensure that they do not create an unnecessary mess at your place
·         Above all, they are easy to get in touch with during the working hours

Thus, when a plumbing emergency pops up at your place, make sure to look for a professional plumber or a plumbing company for the solution.

Choose the Right Plumber in the Right Manner at the Right Time

Don’t merely look for an affordable plumber for the plumbing emergency solution. Look for a plumber who can assure you of a premium quality service in less time. Go for a professional plumber to get rid of the leakages, fixing, repairing or installation of sanitary fixtures, pipes, etc.


Confused between numerous plumbers and plumbing companies and don’t know how to finalize one? Read these simple yet effective tips to finalize a plumber and avail his services.

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