Mar 15, 2017

Lightening Trends to Watch Out In 2017- Spark Your Creativity

The bedroom is one place where you can come and relax after a hard work of the full day. The bedroom must be both comfortable and attractive enough. The bed should be such that it reflects your personality. There are a number of things that can change the face of your bedroom and give it an attractive look. One of the things is the lights. We all know that there are two types of lightening effects the bright and the dim. You can make use of lightening as per your use. The lightening of the room plays a very important role in giving your bedroom an attractive look.

Let us have a look at a few lightening options that work best:
1.       Vintage lamps- The vintage look is quiet in these days. You can make use of vintage lamps. You can place these lamps on the bed side of may be on a small coffee table that you place in the bed room. The vintage lamps come in very attractive colors with abstract drawing of nature or humans on it. If you plan to place a vintage lamp then you can match the other pieces of the furniture according to it. You can place vintage mirrors and clock to go with it. Buy the best bedsheets and pillows online to match the color of lamps.

2.       Bold colors- You can place lamps that have bodies in bold colors. Inside the lamp you can put a bight glowing bulb to reflect the color of the body. Now days there are a lot of creativity in the interior industry. You can go online or visit stores around you inorder to look for the best bold color lamps. The chartreuse lamp looks the best in bold colors. These lamps can be placed on bold and unique colors side tables with drawers with making use of contracting curtains for the best look.

3.       Chinoiserie Lamp- These lamps are inspired by the Chinese look. You will get to buy these lamps in material of bone china and various other shades with prints on it that is inspired by the Chinese culture. The lamp stands have Chinese prints on it and these can be matched best with plan contrasting lamp shades.

4.       Lanterns- Making use on lanterns is a very unique and an attractive idea. This will add an old Greenwich element to the bedroom. You can hang the lanterns in the middle of the selling as a chandler etc. these lanterns ate available in different shapes and sizes. You can choose one as per the interior choice of your bedroom.

5.       Modern wall lightening- There are a number of lightening options for the bedroom that are modern in nature. These lights can be used for both dim and bright lightning options. The effect of the lightening will depend on the illumination of the bulb that you place in it. These lights are used to hang on the walls.

At last we can conclude by saying that in order to enhance the looks of your bedroom makes sure that along with using good quality furniture you also make use of the bed quality lighting options. Each and everything should be matching and go along with each other in the room. Enjoy a comfortable living with a comfortable space in your room.

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