Apr 13, 2013

Why Do People Choose a High Gloss Kitchen Design?


More and more people are now opting for a high gloss kitchen design. As the name suggests, this type of design features smooth, highly reflective surfaces which catch the light very easily and create a wonderfully modern look. Aesthetics are one of the main reasons why many homeowners are using high gloss finishes in their kitchen renovations. It's one of the easiest ways to add a contemporary designer look to the space. It has become especially popular in recent years, as more and more people are favouring a minimalist look, which high gloss surfaces are perfect for.
Ashwell white high gloss kitchen

Affordable style 
In addition, high gloss designs are a great option for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen - cooking, socialising and entertaining - and wants to have stylish, high end décor without the excessively large price tag. This type of kitchen can be created without spending a small fortune and will allow even those on a tight budget to achieve a designer look in their home. If you're concerned about your kitchen looking dated in a few years’ time, it's best to opt for colours which will always be considered to be in vogue, such as black, grey or white. Darker shades such as burgundy also work well. However, if you want a bolder look, a bright red or even teal will look great. 

high-gloss-kitchen-designsMoreover because of the reflective nature of the surfaces used in high gloss kitchens, this type of design is perfect for those with smaller, cramped kitchen spaces, as with the right lighting, a high gloss finish on the worktops will make even the tiniest of kitchens look more spacious.    

Maintenance of high gloss design 
This kind of design is also very easy to maintain; unlike with, for example, wooden countertops and doors, which have crevices that dust and bacteria collect in, high gloss surfaces are smooth as glass and therefore more hygienic. A quick wipe down with an anti-bacterial cleaning spray is usually enough to keep this type of kitchen surface in pristine condition. 
Whilst many people assume that high gloss designs are less hard wearing that other types of kitchen finishes, nothing could be further from the truth; high gloss surfaces are coated in a special substance which ensures that they can withstand years of wear and tear, along with any accidental knocks and spillages, without looking worn or developing scratches. However, you can also purchase special cream surface cleansers, if you have little ones running around the house and are concerned about keeping the surface shiny and smooth. Make sure to avoid any harsh abrasive cleaning liquids, as well as scrub pads, which if used on a regular basis, might eventually damage the look of the worktops.    

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