Apr 18, 2013

What does ‘Contemporary Furniture’ Mean?

Contemporary furniture can mean a lot of different things. Primarily, however, contemporary furniture refers to trends for functionality and bespoke quality in furniture design, with an emphasis being placed on shaping furniture to a modern space. This approach also involves investing in materials that will last a long time, or are sourced from recyclable places. It’s also worth reviewing some current trends in contemporary furniture, as well as some essential items that are integral to creating a great look for your home.

contemporary furniture

Trends in contemporary furniture are particularly defined by the need to control space, and to make the most of a range of styles. Furniture trends in the 20th and 21st century moved away from ostentatious styles towards cleaner lines, and the use of modern materials, with Art Deco and Castille styles being particularly popular. Many of these furniture trends prioritise functionality over dominating a room, as well as the ability to store a large number of items. Combined desks, tables, and other multi use furniture contribute to this effect.

Bespoke Quality
Contemporary furniture, like any kind of furniture, is still defined by the need for bespoke quality, and particularly if you want items to last a long time, while being suitable for your own space. Bespoke furniture that makes use of joinery and handcrafted designs can be tailored to different homes, and can also be built to stand up to different levels of wear and tear. In this way, a more traditional emphasis on building furniture to last can help to distinguish the best of contemporary furniture from flatpack and cheaper items.

Lasting Materials
This emphasis on quality is also important for designing and choosing the right kind of materials for contemporary furniture. In this way, the use of plywood and durable plastics combines with the use of traditional oak and mahogany to create high quality pieces of furniture that are still scaled and suitable for modern spaces. Other trends for using materials that will last include recycled wood, and reclaimed materials, with bamboo and rattan being particularly popular.

Current Trends
Some of the current trends in contemporary furniture continue long term trends for minimalism and functionality. One variation on this trend has been modular furniture, which can be disassembled, or combined through different bespoke pieces to create a specific decor look. Furniture that relies on high quality wood grain and reclaimed materials are also popular, with white ash dining tables and Canaletto walnut shades representing some recently popular items.

Particular Pieces
When deciding on contemporary furniture, it’s important to select pieces that will contribute to an overall decor, but that will also be ideally designed to suit the needs of your home. In this context, it’s worth investing in side tables that can double up as stands for lights, as well as flexible kitchen units that can either be designed as minimalist blocks, or as more traditionally influenced cabinets that can handle a lot of storage. With the furniture of the future expected to become more functional and minimalist, having a few key items for each room of the house can make a big difference to the future of your decor.
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