Apr 18, 2013

Tips for Better Bathroom Organisation

Organising your bathroom is never a fun task but if you start as you mean to go on then you’ll never have to go through the big clean-out again! Whether you’re having a refit or have just decided the room needs a refresh, it’s important to keep organised as well as pick the best suite for your needs. Although your mind may be full of your dream P shaped shower bath and matching basin, you also need to think about how you’re going to keep this bathroom in tip top condition. Here are our top tips for keeping that bathroom in the best possible state.  

Essential Equipment for a Better Bathroom

Shower Tray/Shelf

The majority of bathrooms across the UK are guilty of piling their soaps, bottles and other bathroom items along the sides of the bath but this looks messy and awful. It’s a safety hazard too as the products drip onto the surfaces and cause grime and dirt build up. Use a shower tray or shelf to store as much of your shower gels and shampoos as you can. 
    Dispenser Bottles  
Dispenser Bottles
An attractive and co-ordinated soap dispenser is another great feature to your bathroom and will save you the effort of buying up bars of soap and leaving them to go grotty on the side. You can do the same with shower gel and other products so your bathroom is fully coordinated and you’re not overrun with plastic branded bottles. 

Mirrored Cabinet

Kill two birds with one stone and have your bathroom mirror mounted on a cabinet. Perhaps you could use it for storage of more hazardous items including medication, razors and related paraphernalia.  

Under-the-Basin Storage
There’s a growing trend in under-the-basin storage, mainly because it’s a wasted space which can be utilised with ease. It’s great for storing toilet rolls or cleaning equipment for the room. These units can be personalised, bought with your new bathroom suite or purchased in most home and furniture shops.   Under-the-Basin Storage  
Toilet Storage

Now you’re bathroom is looking fully coordinated you could even go the whole hog and buy the matching toilet caddy. This is another little storage unit which can be popped atop your toilet cistern and used to store spare rolls or simply all those other little bits and bobs that end up in the room.  


Keeping everything matching is a brilliant idea because it’ll make the whole room look seamless and therefore more naturally tidy and organised. A mix up of different types of material is not always a good idea and can make it look cluttered in itself, even if these are storage items. If you’re going for a chrome look, buy everything in chrome whilst if you’ve opted for minimalistic white plastics, stick to them. Whatever you do don’t mix everything up otherwise your organisational efforts will be wasted. If you’re looking to seriously get organised consider hiring a bathroom designer and starting from scratch. They can include everything from towel rails to vertical storage units providing you with a bathroom which is completely designed for your needs.  

Belle Maloney is a lifestyle consultant from Cheadle. Her inspiration often comes when lounging in her P shaped shower bath and she has a special interest in the interior design of bathrooms.
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