Apr 4, 2013

Top Tips for the Perfect Kitchen

The kitchen is a room in which we spend a frequent amount of time each day – brewing tea, packing lunches or just enjoying a natter – and is a space which deserves care and attention. If you want to upgrade your kitchen interior to create a more welcoming environment, follow these tips:
Think practically
Before you start shopping for the perfect kitchen, spend time carefully considering the practicality of your kitchen space. What do you use your kitchen for and how is the current use of space holding up? Do you lack space to dine? Perhaps you can incorporate a breakfast table or dining island in your new kitchen interior. Make a note of any kitchen areas that are currently frustrating you, perhaps cupboard doors and drawers that overlap or the positioning of the fridge too close to the oven. As kitchen upgrades are expensive you want the perfect kitchen to be as versatile and long-standing as possible, being able to facilitate everything you need to do in there over the coming years.

Don’t forget ventilation
When you’re busy picking fancy cabinet doors and coordinating kitchen accessories, it can be easy to forget the importance of correct ventilation. Make sure that your kitchen has enough vents or windows to release cooking steam, include a kitchen extractor fan in your new kitchen plans – these are usually place above your oven.

Go fitted
For the perfect kitchen, ordering a professionally fitted kitchen is a must. All the hard work will be taken-out of choosing perfectly coordinating cabinets and worktops, and your new kitchen interior will be carefully planned to make the most of your space. It’s always important to browse a number of UK kitchen showrooms before placing an order, whether you’re buying your fitted kitchens Hull, York or London. This way you can compare fitting quality, materials and, most importantly, price tags.

Try integration
If you want a sleek and clutter-free kitchen, consider the use of integrated appliances. Integration refers to securely placing your white goods and kitchen tech behind cupboards doors; any appliances can be integrated, from your fridge-freezer to your dishwasher. Rotating shelving and even rubbish/recycling bins can now be integrated too. Whatever kitchen utensils you want to hide, you will find a space for them in a fitted kitchen.

Consider value
Finally, although it’s important you love your kitchen design; consider how d├ęcor can add value to your home. If you’ll be selling up in the near future, opt for a design that will appeal to the majority – think neutral colours and sleek, modern woodwork.

Do your research
Whilst researching the ideal kitchen design, make sure you do your background research when it comes to picking a kitchen retailer and fitter. Read online reviews and examine the company history. Don’t be tempted by ‘too good to be true’ offers as these usually come from retailers who have not been in business very long.

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