Apr 6, 2013

The Merits of a Well Designed Bed

What is so great about having a well designed bed? As well as the durability that you get for your money, which can allow you to keep the same bed for many years, a well designed bed also provides options for style that can be tied into your overall decor. In the same way, a well designed bed can offer you more comfort, and a variety of different options for experimenting with more unusual, as well as traditional beds. Ultimately, though, a bed is a worthwhile investment, where you’ll appreciate the difference in comfort.


A well designed bed should last you a long time - rather than cutting corners with a cheap bed, you get the opportunity to save money in the long run by being able to enjoy a bed that’s been made to last. This strength is particularly true of iron beds, where wrought iron, brass, silver, and nickel are used to make sure that your bed can last for a very long with the minimum of maintenance. For children’s beds, this can mean having a frame that will last throughout their childhood. 

Getting a bespoke bed means that you can tailor its design to your home’s decoration style; personal touches might include lattice work on headboards, as well as the colours of boards. You also have a range of choices for brasswork, particularly with wrought iron beds. However, you should make sure that you select a design that is neutral enough to go with a room’s decor, which may change during the time that you have the bed.

More Comfort

A bed that’s had more time invested into suspension and finding the best possible mattress is going to be much more comfortable than one that’s going to wear out quickly. By choosing what you want out of bed, you can have more of a say over the distribution of weight, and whether the mattress is set up to help with back problems and sleep disorders. Orthopedic features can similarly be added to boost comfort while sleeping.


As with style, you have many options to experiment with a range of different bed frame sizes and periods - you may want to go for a vintage Victorian or Edwardian bed frame, or you might want to pick a simpler children’s beds. Moreover, you can take advantage of different styles like canopies and four poster beds, as well as bedside tables and suites, when making your final decision over a bed. 

You may also want to benefit from taking a gamble on a more elaborate or experimental bed that’s designed for comfort and stability; examples here might include platform beds without a box string mattress, which have more storage areas underneath the frame. Well designed futons can also be an excellent idea if you want a more compact bed, while bed floats, fluttua beds, and large rocking cradles with rollers can provide more futuristic appeals for the bedroom. When selecting these beds, it’s always important, though, to consider how long they’ll last as furniture pieces.
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