Apr 10, 2013

How to Get Clear Skin with the Right Steps

Getting clear and flawless skin is not a cakewalk. We need to spend some quality time in front of the mirror everyday to get effective result. Without any clinical treatment by professional dermatologists you will be able to get clear and radiant skin by following the right steps regularly. Here are the right steps that you must follow:

Understand Your Skin Type
The first important step for getting clear skin is to understand your skin type (oily, dry, normal or sensitive) and choose the skin rejuvenation care products accordingly. Dry skin would require products with excess moisturizer, whereas oily skin would require frequent use of face packs and gel based products to stop skin breakouts. Individual with two skin types have to use more than one kind of facial products on special areas of the face. So read the ingredients present on the label of the product before purchasing it.

Clean Hands First
Before applying any kinds of beauty products like cleanser, exfoliating scrub, moisturizer or any other products on your body or skin, wash your hands and make it free of bacteria. If your hand is dirty and full of bacteria, then it will get transferred in your face causing acne and other skin problems.

Cleanse Your Face Twice
Our skin secretes oil called sebum which blocks the pores of our skin and also attract impurities and dirt, thus making your face prone to acne. So you must clean your face with natural and unscented face wash twice a day to make your skin clear. Cleansing will also help in opening the skin pores and help in absorption of the crèmes and lotions you apply after cleaning.

Moisturize Regularly
After cleaning your face, apply a good moisturizer or anti aging product on your skin. Moisturizing is as important for your skin as cleaning. Choose a moisturizer according to your skin type. Regularly moisturizing your skin helps in maintaining the glow of your skin.

Drink Plenty of Water
Water acts as a natural cleanser and helps in flushing out the toxins from the body through perspiration. Drink plenty of water regularly and do some exercise as it helps in secreting the excess oil and toxins naturally and keeps the skin cell hydrated as well.

Protect Your Skin from Sunrays
Sun rays, specially the UV rays cause much damage to the delicate skin. So use a good sunscreen moisturize with SPF 20 or above to avoid skin damage.

Balanced Diet
Along with using good beauty products, it is also extremely important to have a balanced diet having enough vitamin and other essential nutrients. All these nutrients are needed for the proper functioning of the skin cells and thereby promising glowing, healthy and clear skin. Avoid eating deep fried foods, junk foods and food with plenty of oil as these are one of the main causes of skin breakouts. Also include a lot of fresh fruits in your diet as there are rich in antioxidants and help to fight the free radicals present in the body.

These are some of the easy ways to get clear and glowing skin. However, you should make an honest effort and take the necessary steps on a regular basis to see the affect on your skin. Start taking proper care of your skin by following these right steps before it is too late.
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