Apr 18, 2013

Frugal Tips for Refreshing the Bedroom

The bedroom is the place which every person loves. There is the space where we find relaxation and rest, comfortably lying in front of the TV or tucked down with your favorite book until you slowly fall into nice deep refreshing sleep.
          By default this room should only bring calm and tranquil feeling. And special care from time to time has to be taken for it, because if you do not put enough effort to make it look welcoming you will get the unpleasant feeling each time when you have to go to sleep.
          It is wrong to think that every reconstruction have to be expensive. There are small things you can be done that may bring big change to your room for sleep. 

          The accents are very important for creating of fresh and new look. And they are usually the easiest for making and the cheapest as well. The windows are one place of a room that allows many accents to be added. To make your windows look new and fresh you do not have to change them all every time you feel like it is right for changes. You can do great job if you find paint, which is several shades darker than the one on the walls, but still in the same color. For one afternoon you can paint the trims and you will have brand new windows, that will catch the eye of everyone including yours. If you do not feel so bold to go for such a change, you can just sand the trimmer, use a coat of primer and than add sparkling white paint. This will also add change to the room, because the windows will be shining. And the best part is that you can have this done for less than one hundred euro.

          It will be good if you add some color to your ceilings as well. They do not necessarily have to be always boring white.

          Till you have your attention caught on the ceiling, use the chance and install small lights on it. The light always brings change and you will be surprised how affordable this could be.

          Do not underestimate the role of the linens. In fact they are important especially for the bedroom. Get rid of the old sheets and covers and buy new ones, that are colorful and inviting for a nice nap or night sleep. The good part of this is that you can have new if you like, that can be on reasonable price or you can make some yourself, if you know how to sew. The sheets and the pillow-cases are amongst the easiest things to do, and you can choose whatever fabric you want to refresh your bedroom.

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