Apr 24, 2013

The Pros and Cons of Purchasing Newly Constructed Homes

The decision of buying homes whether newly constructed or old has always been an arduous chore, especially for people who don’t have any home purchasing experience. A smart buyer, looking for a new home would check both the sides of a coin. Before buying a new property you may check slew of factors so that you can take the right decision.

Ask yourself a question as to whether you want to buy a new one or a used home. The question might put you in a shambles situation. Let’s evaluate the reason as to why you should or shouldn’t buy a new constructed house. The information on the pros and cons on purchasing new homes will help you to take an effective decision.

You will find that new houses are more human and eco-friendly. Builders try to incorporate new technologies in constructing them and take care of all comfort zones. A brand new property will have eco-friendly and uniquely designed windows, flooring, appliances, roofing, and others. In other words you don’t have to worry about installing them. More comfort level, less chance of accidents, and low costs of repairing are some major features of a new house.
Builders install new electronic appliances that are energy efficient and are safe. New doors, latest cooling and heating system, energy efficient appliances and others are incorporated to build it. Hence the operating cost will be less and save you money. Since everything is new, you don’t have to purchase new household products, which is always expensive.

Builders often provide the benefit of free inspection, which will save you money and time. Not all, but some of the builders will pay for the home inspection, which is necessary. Some of the builders will give you a waiver on the purchase amount of the estate, which again saves money for you. If they are not offering you a rebate, you can bargain for it.

During the construction, you can customize a structure to suit your style. You can get it designed and construct according to you needs. You can hire a professional or even ask the builder to make a home that suits your needs and requirements.

One of the major drawbacks with new construction is its location. Most of the builders choose open space away from the main city to build residential buildings for new buyers. The outside location can increase your traveling costs that can disturb your budget. With no basic amenities close by you will face numerous difficulties in case of emergencies. Moreover you might have to expend on inspection cost, which is usually high.
Newly Constructed Homes
Hiring a professional to inspect the condition of the new house is costly these days. Things are more difficult when you are unsure of the neighborhood. You might not be able to live happily, if the neighbors are no good. A not so well established neighborhood can put you into difficulties. If there is no proper air circulatory system, then it can lead to health related issues.

Your new house might not have an air circulatory system, which can cause health issue. Molds can appear inside the house creating health issues, and to remove them you have to spend money so as to fix them.

Although in a real estate buyer’s market, investments in new construction homes are always profitable. They come with warranties which are biggest advantage over the old ones. Generally new roofing systems are covered for more than ten years. However you flip your coin to see both its sides before concluding. Examine the pros and cons thoroughly so that you don’t regret in the future on your past decision.

Author's Bio: Alex works as a senior executive at John D Wood Company, which is a very popular name when it comes to residential real estate properties. They have been in the business for many years and have earned the trust and credibility from their happy customers.
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