Apr 10, 2013

How to Switch to Log Furniture in a Modern Home

More and more homes are switching to an all-log theme. You might have gone into a friend or relative's home and seen beautiful log furniture pieces that complement the decor perfectly. While it's easy to see how gorgeous log furniture can be and the warm and rustic touch it can add to a room, it might be difficult for you to make the switch from a more modern design element to one that is a bit more country. There are several ways for you to add log furniture into your home without giving up on the modern appeal that you've come to love.
One way to add log furniture into a modern home is to choose items that are not painted the traditional wood colour. There are many log pieces that are white, black or very dark brown that can go perfectly into a modern home. Also, the style of the particular piece will tell a lot about the different themes it can go with. Bulkier items are more suited for country decor while the thinner and sleeker-looking furniture items are great for when you have a more modern design going on within the home or room it'll be added to.

You can also make log furniture look more modern by what you put onto it. A log coffee table, for example, can look completely modern if you put a modern centrepiece on the table itself. By doing these minor changes, you can literally change the entire decor and theme of the whole house. A log-built foot stool can get a modern twist with an upholstered cushion on top that is in a more modern scheme or hue. You can see that it should be easy for you to get the job done even when you're working with bulkier wooden items.

Log furniture is becoming a popular theme for many homes all over the world. One other benefit to this type of furniture is just how durable it is and how long it lasts over time. Most items are completely solid wood and are protected with a polyurethane coating that prevents dents and scratching. You can easily see why country and modern homes alike are making use of log furniture and are simply trying to find ways for it to fit into the scheme their home is going for. When in doubt, you should begin adding log furniture to a room slowly so that it does not overwhelm anything.

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