Apr 17, 2013

Making Eco-Green Bathroom

          The bathroom is one of the places, where we spend much of our time. We go there early in the morning to freshen-up, wash and prepare for work or school. And then after the long and hard day we go back there and take a shower or a long relaxing tub, that will help us get rid of the pressure and the stress of the every day life.
           However the bathroom is the place, where much recourse is spent, like water, paper and energy to heat the water and for power for the lights. So in case you are wondering how to reduce their use and still have a nice looking, clean and functional bath, you can do some small things that will make significant change.

          The toilet paper used in every home can be significant amount, especially when there are children, tearing it, throwing it in the toilet for fun and not using it properly. So in case you do not want to become a toilet paper guardian, get used to buying recycled one. Though it may no not look so white, it will not be flavored or something similar it will do the same job as the other.

          The bathroom cleaning is essential part of its maintenance. The well looking bath has to be cleaned at least once a week, so no traces of mould can be seen and fewer bacteria will be developing there. The detergents used for this activity are often having strong smell and are not so innocent for the people and the air. The bath can be cleaned in few simple ways by only using baking soda and scrubbing sponge. Of course it will require extra efforts, but it will worth the time.

          The bathroom usually includes many mirror and glass surfaces. Instead spraying them with the regular detergents, use some vinegar. It will also make them clear and shining. The smell should not have to bother you, because it vapors very fast.

          Before you go to the mold cleaning, you would better do everything possible to reduce its growth. It is good if your bathroom has window, as some does. Keeping it open most of the time, it will make the room get dry easier and faster. In case you do not have a window, be sure you install an exhaust fan. The main reason for the mould is the permanent humidity.

          When you are renovating the bathroom, make sure you only use materials that are eco-friendly. This can include the curtains of the shower, the rugs on the flour, the towels and the furniture you have inside.

          Try to catch the water that is wasted from the sink as you put a bucket beneath. Be careful with the flush and do not use it just like that. Always stop the water while you are brushing your teeth or you are applying shower gel during your daily shower.

Author Bio : Angela Harpert is a devoted blogger and a devoted housewife who is always ready to share useful green bathroom maintenance tips for http://practicalhomeimprovement.com/what-you-cant-store/.

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