Apr 18, 2013

Quick Guide to Build an In-Ground Hot Tub on Your Own

Hot tubs are considered to be a fabulous place to relax; you will feel at great ease with the incessant water massage. In-ground hot tubs look very appealing, stylish, and they are durable too, but the installation procedure is pretty expensive. However, it’s possible to get the job done on your own, and all it takes is a little knowledge as well as a good deal of efforts. So, follow this step-by-step guide to build an in-ground hot tub of your own. 
Things Required for Installation 
In order to build an in-ground hot tub, you will require a pre-fabricated hot tub shell, a pump house, and a concrete pit. 
  In-Ground Hot Tub    
Installation Procedure
  • Decide and locate an area where you want to install thein-ground hot tub. The overall space can be determined by the tub size as well as the installation method you choose. Access provisions to pump are pretty much imperative when you install the in-ground tub. 
  • You need to create aconcrete pit, which is 30 inches larger than the hot tub. It also allows access to motor pump. After that, you can place the hot tub comfortably into the pit and build a detachable deck around its periphery. 
  • Trench in plumbing and electrical wiring into the ground tub. Make provisions before the pit for installing wiring as well as plumbing; this demands running channel for installing wiring over concrete wall as well as placement of drainage pipes for free water access. 
  • You can skip the water source if you are planning to fill the pool with a hose. But, you might require a sump pump and drain for removing the water. 
  • Set the hot tub; connect the plumbing and wiring and install the removable deck around the tub. Ensure that you have purchased a self-riming tub. 
  • You can also choose a different methodology for installing the ground tub by building a distinct pump house, and placing it away from the hot tub. It is more common when the home owner requires an in-ground tub, which is surrounded by the tub or concrete that has access to the swimming pool. It is a classy installation method. 
  • After placing the tub, make sure that you cover the entire region with concrete and if possible lay tiles on all the sides. Install pipes for jets and make enough provision for the drains.
All the wiring and plumbing will run separate pumps for home maintenance. The biggest issue with the hot tub system is that, if any issue arises, you need to take out all the tiles laid and remove the concrete around the pit in order to clear the issue. Finally, cover the hot tub with a particularly designed cover for protecting it from wreckage and to protect pets and children from falling into it. You can find the best hot tubs for sale in United Kingdom at affordable rates, but you must make sure that you get the perfect one that suits your needs, and also comes with decent warranty coverage. 

In order to know more about the specs required for the specific tub, you can check with a hot tub retailer. Most of the drop-in tubs contain installation specs. Do not attempt to install an in-ground tub, which is surrounded by any kind of concrete or permanent surfacing form without testing the tub before applying it to the surface to reduce risk of defects. So, simply follow these tips to build an in-ground hot tub on your own.
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