Jan 7, 2013

Yellow Bridge

One of three bridges that lead visitors to riverside eating place at Ah Poong Floating Market Sentul City (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia).

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Gattina said...

A yellow bridge ! that's nice ! Yes, oisters are very expensive in Belgium too, but not in the South of France !
I don't eat them anymore, I once was sick probably one was bad ! Since then I don't touch them anymore, lol !

Liz said...

Neat bridge! Have a fabulous week.

At the Car Show
Chawan Mushi

Gemma Wiseman said...

A cute little bridge! That yellow would look so bright and welcoming on a grey, cloudy day!

And thank you so much for linking to my new Monday Mellow Yellows meme!

Hootin Anni said...

VERY colorful...and with it being yellow, easy to see, and inviting us to cross.

Flights to Bangkok said...

Nice picture. It is very colorful and attractive. I think it can attract more customers to the eating place.

Kim, USA said...

I like that bridge yellow can uplift the mood it made me smile. ^_^


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