Jan 8, 2013

Why Compromise? Doors Can Offer Security and Style

It is important that the entrance to your home looks warm and welcoming. However, are you willing to sacrifice your family's security for the sake of a stylish front door? Fortunately, with composite models, you won't have to.

When you invest in a new front door, what you really need is the reassurance that the model you choose will stand the test of time. Doors are invaluable in terms of security, but does choosing a door always have to compromise on style? Well, certainly not. There are a variety of doors available in the style and colour of your choice. They provide the security you crave within your family home as well as the aesthetic values that you desire for the doorway to your home.

Composite doors are just one option if you are seeking a long lasting secure solution. They are manufactured from a durable plastic, which has benefits over both wood and normal UPVC. Wooden doors need regular upkeep to ensure they remain up to scratch and weather tight. There is also the chance that they will suffer from rot. UPVC doors were once the model of choice for households. However, they are no longer deemed the most secure option. Low quality UPVC is relatively easy to break into and can start to look shabby in quite a short amount of time.

Why choose composite?

In terms of style, composite doors can be manufactured to meet the needs of even the most discerning households. If your home features dark wooden window frames, there is no reason why a door can't be made to match, allowing you to benefit from a home that is seamlessly stylish.

On the other hand, if you have always dreamt of a home with a red front door, a composite model can be manufactured to suit your requirements. Similarly, these doors are available in green, blue, black, none and many more colours to meet your needs. You can also choose from solid doors or models with windows, in a variety of different styles, from clear to patterned glass.

Benefits of composite

This type of door is ideal for the busy modern family as it requires almost no maintenance, aside from the odd clean and it will last for many years into the future. On top of this, these doors are around six times more insulating than timber models, meaning no draughts and lower heating bills. Inside the door, thermal inserts keep draughts from entering the home, so you remain snug on even the coldest days of the year.

Doors like this are also better manufactured for security purposes, making break-ins much more difficult than with standard doors. In addition, the standards for locks used are higher; they can't be drilled open by criminals looking to gain entry.

Hazel Barrows writes regularly on composite doors for security and style for a range of home design websites and blogs. She has more than a decade of experience in the home design industry and turned her talent to writing after rediscovering her passion for it in a creative night class five years ago. Hazel lives in a London suburb with her two boys and pet dog, Sammy. She enjoys walking, yoga and, of course, home design television programmes.

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