Jan 21, 2013

The Importance of CCNA

Nowadays, finding the right job appropriate to the degree obtained is quite difficult. Having a computer degree is not enough in getting better position in an IT company. This is the reason why most IT professionals and graduates are looking for other ways in improving their profile making it attractive and competitive. In the same manner, there are organizations and companies aiming to give to give better opportunities to interested individuals through certifications.

There are various IT certifications available given by different organizations and Cisco is one of those. This organization is giving various certifications and the CCNA certification is good to consider. This certification is widely recognized throughout the world and is given to individuals whose work involves in computer network administration. The candidate should pass two sets of examinations before obtaining the CCNA certification. Likewise, this certification is a prerequisite to other technical certifications that are significant in progressing expertise.

What CCNA Offers?
Many years back, most companies are not aware about the importance of CCNA. However, as the technology advances they realized that knowing and applying the networking concepts plays significant role in all the major activities involved in information technology. Recently, there are many professionals showing interest in getting the CCNA certification.

Getting the certification can be easier for some but difficult for others. On the other hand, by setting a target in mind it will be a lot easier to obtain the certificate. Having your goal is very important prior to applying the examination. Nevertheless, it is also important to allot certain budget to fund the costs of training materials and the CCNA examination itself. Likewise, it is necessary to select and use the appropriate study materials that can be used in preparing for the examination.
Passing the examination and obtaining the CCNA certification offers a lot of benefits. That is why it pays off spending time and money preparing and taking the examinations. Once you are certified it will lead you to the right path of your career. Here are some of the possibilities that you can enjoy.

Finding Best Jobs
Obtaining the CCNA certification is a great help in finding better jobs. It is because most employers prefer hiring certified applicants that will serve as assets and can help in improving their business.

Earn More Money
Landing a better job would mean earning more money. Studies revealed that CCNA certified individuals earn 17% more as compared to those who are not certified. This means that certified professionals have a greater chance of getting a high paying job.

Learn More About Networking Technologies
If you want to work in networking technology, then you should get CCNA training. This is the ideal way of obtaining knowledge and skills in this field of specialization. You will be introduced and exposed to different areas of networks, routing protocols, OSI principles, network management, network security and switching operations. Indeed, obtaining the CCNA certification can be a great challenge but is rewarding in the long run. The certification will lead to more employment opportunities but make sure that you know how to carry out the job efficiently.
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