Jan 10, 2013

How to Pick the Ideal Bed for Your Home

Choosing the right bed for you might sound very simple - you just need to find one that looks good and is the correct size, right? Wrong. There are so many times of bed frames available that it is important you get one that is most appropriate for your bedroom and your comfort.
This is why I've written a guide on how you can pick the right bed for you. Here are some things you should consider:

1) The size of your bedroom

The first thing I'd recommend you do is measure your bedroom and work out where you want to put your bed. The width and length of the room will determine the location you can position your new bed and will also give you an idea of what size bed to go for.

You might have dreams of a king size bed, but if you're lacking space in your bedroom, you might have to reconsider. Alternatively, if you have a Victorian property with high ceilings you can even choose a four-poster bed, which is ultra glamorous. There are a number of mahogany four-poster beds available from 
Woodlands Furniture, so you can have a wide selection to choose from.

2) How much space you need to sleep

Secondly, once you have determined how much space your bedroom will allow you to fit your new bed in, you have to answer the question: how big a bed do you need? Assuming you have a large bedroom that will enable you to have as big a bed as you want, you will have to then decide whether a double will suffice or if you'd prefer a queen or king-size bed.

I can just see myself opting for the largest bed possible then realising it won't fit up the stairwell when it's too late! It is therefore important you consider how it will get into the house, up the stairs and what it will look like in the bedroom before you make any rash decisions. Also, don't forget, you will need to invest in a king-size mattress, duvet and extra pillows to fill that additional space.

3) What do you want out of your bed
This might sound like a silly question, but people tend to want different functions from their bed. OK, so most of us just consider it to be a place to sleep, but, for example, if you watch the television in your bedroom, you might love a bed that has an inbuilt TV. These mean your flat-screen TV can rise from the foot of the bed enabling you the best view when you want to watch your favourite show, and be neatly kept hidden away at all other times.

I also use my bed as a great storage device, as I tend to keep lots of belongings hidden away underneath it. If you are the same, you should pick one that either has inbuilt drawers or the space between the bed and the floor is deep enough for you to place under-the-bed drawers yourself.

Some people also require beds to double up as a sofa or futon, in which case you will obviously have to choose one that fulfils both purposes equally effectively.

4) Complement your bedroom d├ęcor

Throughout the entire procedure of choosing your bed, it is essential you don't forget that it should fit in with the rest of your bedroom decor. If you've got period fittings and fixtures, you should avoid opting for metal frames and modern-looking beds. Similarly, a grand four-poster bed may look out of place in a contemporary flat. Keep in mind the overall design of the room and you should be in a good position to pick the right bed for you!
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