Jan 16, 2013

Dealing with Noisy Neighbors: 4 Tricks to Survive

Neighbors can turn out to be a blessing or a nuisance depending on their nature and personality. The chances of eliminating the noise are quite few as it is highly unlikely that you would change your accommodation simply because of the noise inflicted by your neighbors. However, you can employ a few tricks that would help you in surviving the noisy and yet unavoidable neighbors!

Sound Proofing Your Apartment
Several sound proofing products are now available in the market that would absorb the noise coming in and out of your apartment. Sound absorbent panels, Sheetrock and several other products can be hung on the wall so that any noise that is coming from neighbor’s apartment is effectively absorbed and you can work at peace! In case, you do not want to spend excessively, you can try to be creative and use products such as corkboards covered in cloth which can be hung at various places to lower down the noise level.

Doors allow a lot of noise to pass through and therefore you must try to dampen the noise coming from these openings. Neoprene seals can be used within doors while any noise that is coming from ceiling can be dealt by inserting a drop ceiling. You can add more rugs to your floor or cover it with another layer of carpet if you feel that the noise is coming from your downstairs neighbors.

Shutting Out the Noise
A little background noise of your own can effectively solve your problems and allow you to concentrate at the task at hand. All you have to do is turn up the music a little or turn on the bathroom fan to drown out the noise that is coming from across the hall!

Communication might be the key solution to your noise dilemma. However, the conversation must be done in a polite and friendly manner as opposed to approaching the neighbors in a rudely manner. The issue can easily be solved if both the families come together and engage in an informal conversation regarding the problems that they are facing as a result of one another. If you adopt a rude or impolite tone it is highly likely that your neighbor might be further offended and simply increase the noise level! That could turn out be too more of a nuisance for you!

Many organizations are now engaged in providing conciliation services for issues related to noisy neighbors. Look for the organization near your house by researching on the internet or calling up the information service. The conciliation service acts as a third part whereby views and opinions of both the parties are taken and a common ground is reached that might act as a solution to your neighbor problems.

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