Jan 29, 2013

Making the Best of Bathroom Space

One of the biggest issues which most homeowners face is how to make the most optimum use of the bathroom space, which for an average household is generally quite a small one. Since most builders have the tendency to cut down on the bathroom space in the house, so as to trim some extra area for others things in the house, you need to take some prudent decisions while selecting bathroom accessories and fixtures, if you want to make the best of the available bathroom space.

Work out a practical layout to make bathroom look bigger:

By far, the best way to use the bathroom space sensibly is to ensure that you work the layout of the bathroom in such a manner that it creates an illusion of space, rather than looking cramped up. If the layout of the key bathroom components – including the sink, the toilet, and the shower enclosures, among others – is a well thought-out and well-executed one, even a small bathroom can look fairly big. You can definitely lend practicality to your bath area, while also making it appear spacious, by cleverly using the different storage as well as functional options to the best possible extent, with the help of the countless alternatives available in the stores.

Working out the placement of the windows and doors, having a proper floor plan for the bathroom, and using the right kind of bathroom suites or shower enclosures, can surely go a long way in ensuring that the layout of your bathroom is a practical one, which gives you maximum space in the limited area.

Use wall cabinets and shower enclosures in small bathrooms:

A small bathroom can look cluttered and feel uncomfortably crowded if there is not enough space for storage; and, in such cases, the installation of a full-fledged bathroom suite can further restrict the area for movement in the bathroom. However, both these problems can be solved if you thoughtfully use the options available --- you can go in for wall cabinets for storage of bathroom items, rather than cabinets which cover up the floor area; and for separate shower enclosures or shower units, instead of the more elaborate bathroom suites!

Selecting your options prudently will not only help you to save money and space in a small bathroom, but can also help create a stunning bath area, if you have made sensible choices while selecting bathroom accessories.

Leave actual floor area open to make bathroom look spacious:

The prudence of using wall cabinets and wall-mounted fittings, like wall-mounted sinks and counters, give you the benefit of leaving the actual floor area open; thereby making the bathroom look more voluminous. Despite the fact that wall-mounted fittings in the bathroom do not extend the bathroom area per seq, they definitely give the bathroom a bigger look because a large part of the floor area remains uncovered.

The use of wall cabinets and other wall-mounted fixtures, along with well-fitted
shower enclosures from theplumbstore.com, in small bathrooms can leave you with enough space for moving about in your bath area; thus allowing you to use the available space in the most well-planned manner!
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