Jan 19, 2013

How Solar Roof Tiles are Gaining Popularity

Recent advances in solar technology have led to the creation of the solar roof tile. This device has gained quick popularity, with cheaper costs and easier installation methods bringing efficient solar technology into the financial reach of the average home owner. The recent surge in popularity has brought a lot of attention to the solar roof tile for multiple reasons.

Unlike old-fashioned solar panels, the solar roof tile is easy to install, with a full roof assembly taking no longer than traditional shingles. The solar roof tile replaces individual shingles on your roof while their dark blue color permits them to blend seamlessly into your existing rooftop. These solar tiles designed to function as a part of your roof provides the same protection from the elements as traditional shingles while producing energy for your home.

As these panels replace parts of your roof, there are no mounting brackets or hardware to become problematic and unsightly. The existing slope of your roof is used, eliminating the need for careful positioning that was present in traditional solar panels. These panels are lightweight, with each section weighing less than three pounds per square foot of tile installed, allowing roofs to support the weight of the system.

Eliminating the need of wiring the each shingle of solar roof tile is equipped with unique interlocking connectors at both ends of the unit. These simply snap together, linking the entire solar tile system into a single power generating device for your home.

The solar cells blends into the lightweight design, with a thin sheet of glass protecting these cells from the elements. Importantly, the individual tiles are hammered into the roof like traditional roofing materials. They come with a warranty that may even outlast the roofing material surrounding it while blending in so well that onlookers will not be able to tell, whether a home is solar powered.

These solar roof tiles are also gaining popularity because of their affordability. Individual panels cost only a couple hundred dollars, depending on the market. This places these roof tiles in any homeowner's budget, allowing large sections of the roof to be changed to solar tiles. In typical sunny conditions, the solar roof tile is known to pay for itself in less than two years.

The benefits of solar power are now within the reach of any homeowner. The energy produced by the sun is still free, and as always its non-polluting, lowers carbon footprint significantly. When solar roof tiles generate more power than required, the excess energy channel backs into the power grid, resulting in power meter running backwards.

The power company pays extra for excess energy roof tiles generate, which dramatically reduces energy bills. Combined with federal and regional incentives that will cover much of the cost of the panels themselves, it is no wonder that solar roof tiles are becoming such a popular addition to the average home.

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