Jan 6, 2013

Simple Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Luxurious

When it comes to kitting out a new house or revamping somewhere I've lived for a while, the bedroom is always my first focus. Why? Well, I guess it's partly because it's the place I wind down and, since it's not somewhere for guests (unlike the rest of the house), it's the spot that's totally mine.

That makes it a pretty exciting place to design or decorate. This time around, I'm keen to create a luxurious bedroom look, so I've been doing quite a lot of research into how I can best achieve that. I thought I'd share what I've found out so far, just in case anyone else is planning a post-Christmas decorating session too!

1)  Don't try to cut costs on the bed
In all bedrooms, the bed is - unsurprisingly - the most important piece of furniture. So, even if you are trying to limit the amount you spend on designing or redecorating your bedroom, I don't think it's too effective to try to scrimp on the bed - especially if you're going for a luxurious finish.

Personally, I have always been tempted by the classic four-poster bed - there's something about it which just seems to shout luxury. Iron options with decorative flourishes can look great too, though, while you could also go down the sleek and minimalist route.

Don't forget about the sheets, too. For something ultra-lavish, you could pick silk or satin, but anything high-quality and super-soft will do, so go with your personal preferences. To make the end result really look the part, ensure pillows are plumped up and that there are plenty of them - this is a simple yet really effective trick.

2)  Pick soothing colours
Another good tip is to pick soothing colours for your walls and linens - after all, your bedroom is the place you go to rest. Neutral, earthy tones can be a particularly good choice and, if you're stuck for what shades to pick, think about the kinds of colours you see in spas, since they are usually decorated to feel soothing.

That said, I think deep, rich colours can also look fabulously luxurious. So, if neutral tones really aren't your thing, consider something like a deep red or plum; but remember that dark hues can make rooms appear smaller.

3)  Lights galore!
My next tip is to get creative with your lighting scheme. Typically, a really bright, central ceiling light can leave your bedroom looking a little clinical and less than cosy. So, opt for more lights, strategically positioned around the room.

Companies like Moroccan Bazaar offer lots of really decorative shades and lights that perfect for creating a snug, luxurious-feeling space. There are intricate designs made from copper and brass, as well as options featuring pretty, coloured frosted glass.

To create a coherent look with these kinds of fittings, it's worth picking out several and dotting them around the room. You could get a pendant lampshade for your ceiling, for example, then a few lamps for your bedside table, dressing table and such.

4)  Pretty accessories
Lastly, pick some eye-catching accessories. It's often said that the small finishing touches are the keys to achieving your desired look for your interiors, and I think I agree with that.

So, it's a good idea to select a few cushions or throws, vases and mirrors to ensure a polished finish. As a quick tip, hanging groups of small mirrors on the wall is predicted to be one of the top design trends for 2013, so that could be a good thing to try!

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