Jan 14, 2013

Top Garden Design Requirements of the Discerning Customer


In this day and age, what does it mean to be competitive in garden design? Modern British customers are smart and very discerning when it comes to hiring services, especially when it comes to their home and their garden. They look not just for that creative spark that sets a company a notch higher than the rest. Customers know that creativity ought to be paired with experience for the best possible outcome.

Quality service

Companies are only too quick in claiming that they provide quality services. But what, essentially, are the characteristics of a company’s offerings such that they are the best quality service available? Are the gorgeous photos of previous projects enough to affirm their claims? When a Garden Design, Kent firm advertises itself as an expert in both traditional and modern garden design, are they also experts in providing the maintenance service required by the garden that they have completed? And is the proposed concept of the garden an expression of the personalities and preferences of the people who have commissioned it, or does it feature a general theme that no one in particular can relate to?

Finally, is the project well within budget, and the best possible outcome given the finances set by the owners? Only when all these bases are covered can any company claim to provide high quality complete services to clients.

Client involvement

A company’s commitment to quality service is also defined by how much it involves the client in the project – from design to implementation to follow through. Many modern British families appreciate a Garden Design firm that offers services with in-depth involvement of the clients themselves. Most of the people who commission gardens these days prefer the design to be customised, energy-efficient, and easy to maintain. Being hands on has become popular in many communities throughout the UK, and it is not uncommon these days to encounter commissioned gardens that the owners hope to play an important role in maintaining themselves.

To what extent?

The involvement that many require typically starts from the very beginning. Clients want to be part of the planning and design process. They have their own ideas about how to utilise the available space in their property. Smart companies listen closely to these suggestions, knowing full well that nobody knows the area better than those who dwell in it and use it everyday.

When the customer is intimately involved in the garden design project at the outset, there is a lesser chance of committing major and very costly mistakes. And when there is open communication between the client and company representatives, the garden created becomes a harmonious product of good organisation and management which allows for creative juices to flow.

For a garden to be successful in providing the tranquility, solace, and beauty that owners look forward to having in the privacy of their own homes, it has to be built by committed, experienced, and creative individuals. When a professional garden design company and its clients are successful in establishing a productive relationship, every aspect of a garden falls into place without much effort.

Denise Wallace is a freelance writer who has thrived in the lifestyle niche and is highly interested in professional gardening and landscaping services like Garden Design Kent. She lives in London and maintains a pocket garden.

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