Jan 5, 2013

Why Putting 2 Kids to Bed in the Same Room Is Not a Problem Anymore

Considering the size of the rooms if you are a nuclear family, it is difficult to put two children to bed in the same room poses to be a problem, especially if the children are now growing up. Every child has his own preferences, likes and dislikes and unique way of sleeping, and every child requires his own personal space while sleeping at night, which means that the size of the bed poses to be a very important factor. If the sizes of the rooms are small, a big sized bed would not be able to fit in the room, and a small bed would not suffice for two growing children. The consequence was that one child had to sleep alone in his room whereas the other had to sleep with the parents. However parents can now breathe a sigh of relief. Gone are the days when children had to accommodate in two rooms because of inadequacy of beds.
The solution
With the availability of various beds which are been specially suited for the purpose of accommodating more than one child in a small room, the problem of space had reduced. Specially made bunk beds have been designed for small rooms where more than one child can also sleep. Siblings love sleeping together if there is enough space for them. Bunk beds are in great demand by many nuclear families nowadays. 

A bunk bed helps a family in numerous ways. It helps to save great amount of space in a room thus making the room look neat and tidy. Bunk beds also come with storage drawers attached with it and storage spaces underneath as well that help in storage of goods and your child’s favorite items that are not required for regular use. Comprising of a full size bunk bed also helps you if you have a very small room; as the bed occupies the vertical section of the room leaving the horizontal part clean.

What are Bunk Beds?
Bunk beds are beds which consist of bunks which can accommodate more than one child. They are available in different designs as well as sizes and children love sleeping in it. These beds are very accommodating and easy to install with two frames above each other. They are attached with side bars for children who would not roll down while sleeping. Bunk beds also have stairs attached to it so that children can climb on it. They are durable, long lasting and strong. These beds can be kept in any room required. They are an excellent space saver for small rooms.

How safe are they?
Bunk beds are very safe when it is concerned with sleeping. You should go for beds online specially for children who are small a rail along with bolts is attached for protection. The rail can also be removed for little older children. Try conducting a quality check before buying the bed for your own relief.

So try out a bunk bed for your children this season. They serve as beauty as well as utility purpose for your child and come in various designs and prints. Your children will never want to sleep with you again!
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