Jan 5, 2013

Revive a Tired Dining Room with Contemporary Furniture

Where do you start with a dining room in need of a makeover? Try breathing new life into a tired room with contemporary furniture that will update your room in an instant. It doesn't have to cost the earth either!

The first thing to do when planning a dining room makeover, as with any room in the house, is to assess the space you are working with. Make a note of the room's dimensions, including window frames, so that if you happen to see some fantastic blinds or curtains in a sale you can be sure of buying the correct size. Many people like to create a mood board with samples of fabric and pictures sourced from magazines to give them a style guide to work to.

Dining-Room D├ęcor
One of the biggest expenses when revamping a room is the flooring, so decide what sort of floor covering you would like for your new dining room. Modern dining room furniture looks at its best against a plain, even stark, setting so consider plain, light-coloured and light-reflecting surfaces such as varnished wood, stone, slate or even vinyl.

Modern dining room furniture is designed to make a bold statement so choose a wall colour that will enhance the effect. Plain, light colours are ideal for enhancing your new furniture, or you could go to the other style extreme and opt for stark black for an edgy masculine look. If you fancy a very strong or bold colour, try painting just one wall to make it an accent feature of the room.

Choose Your Furniture
Modern designs put the emphasis on strong lines, glossy finishes and wide use of plastic, leather, faux leather, chrome and glass. Shiny surfaces help to reflect light around the room, making the furniture and the whole space look bright and inviting by day and glossy and sophisticated by lamplight or candlelight.

The clean yet striking lines of modern designs mean that you only need the bare minimum of furniture, so look for a table, chairs and sideboard combination that suit your taste. With a huge range of choices in styles and shapes, there are pieces that will suit every home. Even firm traditionalists may well find themselves warming to some of the sturdy statement pieces designed with a walnut veneer, combining the very best of modern designs with traditional materials.

Keep Accessories Simple
Less is definitely more when it comes to accessorising the modern dining room, so choose the finishing elements with great care. Now is the time when you can add touches of colour, so opt for a bold picture or piece of graphic art as a statement wall decoration. Add a couple of uplighters or lamps to create atmospheric pools of light and get ready to wow your guests!

It may seem a bold step to create a striking modern dining room setting but the cool, clean lines are sure to win over most people. Modern designs incorporate ergonomic principles, making them truly fit for purpose. The easy-care materials do away with all the old traditions of waxing, making them a breeze to keep clean. With no risk of warping, splitting or cracking, as you might experience with wooden products, the furniture is extremely low maintenance.

Louise Kennedy writes regularly on interior design for a range of home and lifestyle websites and blogs. Modern dining room furniture is a particular passion as her husband is employed in the bespoke furniture industry. In her spare time, Louise enjoys baking and going for long walks in the countryside.
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