Apr 22, 2012

Tips for Moving Offices

 Moving an office is significantly more time-consuming and stressful than it is to move your home and family. That is because you have to consider all your employees, your office equipment and your customers, and on top of all that, maintain business as usual. It’s recommended that you start planning your office move at least three months ahead of time, so that the transition can be as smooth and painless as possible. The following are a few tips that will help you organise your office move.

Prepare the New Office

One sure-fire way of losing more precious business days than you planned for is by not having the new office completely ready. This is the major reason why it’s in your best interest to start early. If you new office needs to be renovated and redecorated, you will want to have it all done before you move your supplies over. This means having the walls painted and new flooring installed long before your set moving date.

Make a Plan

The major goal of your move is to make it cost-efficient, and the best way to do this is to be time-efficient. To save time, become familiar with your new office. Take measurements of the rooms, doorways and elevators to ensure there is space for your furniture and decorations. Bring your employees on-board with the plan by familiarising them with the dimensions of each of their personal spaces, so they know what to bring and what to get rid of. This means that on moving day, each employee will know exactly where they have to go, and can immediately begin setting up their work space.


It’s never too early to begin packing, and doing so will save you serious amounts of time and stress later on. If you or your employees find yourselves with some spare time throughout the day, then take the initiative and start boxing up supplies that you can do without in the final weeks before the move. This is also a great time to decide on office supplies you don’t need anymore, as the more you can get rid of, the less you will have to pack and haul with you.

Warn Your Customers

It’s important that you let your customers know in advance that your office will be moving. By getting the word out early, the chances are good that the largest amount of customers possible will be aware of the move before it even happens.

Final Moments

The days before the big move should be devoted to all the final packing of office equipment and personal supplies. For disconnecting and dismantling electronics, you may want to hire professional help, and always warn the movers about these fragile items. Items such as desks and filing cabinets don’t need to be emptied as long as you check all locks and latches. Desks, chairs, shelving units and boxes should be clearly labelled so that the movers will know where to put things, and so that the workers all end up with the same desk they had before.

Before the first load of supplies are brought over, do a quick check of the new office to make sure the electricity and water is working in the building. Also remember to pick up some pizza to reward your staff for working so hard!
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