Apr 13, 2012

10 Extra Safety Features for Your Home

We all want to live in a safe home, and it is surprising how a few small changes can help your sense of security. Not all of the security changes listed below cost a fortune and, in fact, quite a few are very affordable. Here are 10 simple safety features to add to your home:

1. Roller Blinds
This addition to your home not only keeps it secure from break-ins, but can also keep your house cool and dark. Most
roller blinds these days are controlled either by remote or by a simple switch. This is not a small investment, but it is certainly one of the nicer ways to secure your windows.

2. Security Fencing
Security fencing doesn’t need to be ugly. Getting a good solid Colorbond fence will quickly improve your security. Don’t forget that you can also improve the safety of your home with additions like new pool fencing. Pools cost a lot to maintain, when you consider all of the extra maintenance costs, like
pool cleaners, but you should never skimp on safety!

3. Motion Sensor Lighting
This is one of the cheapest ways to increase the security of your home. A motion-activated light is enough to deter many night-time criminals looking for a quiet place to break in to.

4. Window Locks
Yes, your window probably has a simple latch to keep it closed. However, to make your home really secure, you need to add inexpensive key locks to your windows as well.

5. Security Doors
Standard screen doors are not enough to keep people out of your home. A security door should be able to withstand some impact and not be pulled off the door frame very easily.

6. Security Window Screens
As with security doors, you need security screens for your windows. If you have standard fly-screens, it is simple for a criminal to pull them off and get into your house. They also act as a visual deterrent.

7. Monitored Alarm Systems
If you are not happy with a basic alarm and other visual deterrents around your home then a monitored alarm system may be for you. These systems are monitored closely by a professional security team, which means that either security guards or the police will be called to the scene if the alarm is activated.

8. Fire Alarm Systems
While we all think of home security as being about stopping break-ins, we also need to improve the fire safety of a home. While a standard smoke alarm is better than nothing, you really need more than one, in different locations around the house. Why not install a proper fire alarm system with a wider array of monitoring points around your home?

9. Fire Control Systems
To further improve the fire safety of your home, you can install fire control systems. These could be something as simple as a set of extinguishers or as comprehensive as a proper indoor fire sprinkler system. It all depends on how much you are willing to pay and how extensive you wish your fire control system to be.

10. Video Surveillance
If you wish to feel extra secure, video surveillance is the answer. The beauty of surveillance in the modern age is that you can go with something as simple as a webcam right through to multiple camera security systems. A video system monitoring your home would also provide you with evidence if someone were to break-in, or make an attempt to do so.
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simple but quality in maintaining security :)

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salam kenal yaa :)
kunjungan perdana.. saya kurang fasih pake bahasa linggis :)

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