Apr 7, 2012

An Irrigation Dam

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It's a quick shot; I captured it from a moving car. The irrigation dam distributes some water of Songgom River (Songgom Village, Central Java, Indonesia) to irrigate rice fields around.

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Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

has there been recent flooding?

Carver said...

Good shot of the dam. It's interesting to me how it includes a roof.

Leovi said...

That beautiful, I love has been good for having done it from a moving car.

Soulful said...

i love it, Lina! wish i could learn to take a picture while in a moving vehicle, :D

Dragonstar said...

A fine shot! I'm no good at shots from a car or bus - I can only imagine being able to do this! It's a very interesting shot, too. It's good to see how things work like this.

Thanks for your comment on mine. The counter/tally helps me keep track of the rows and repeats. I know there are smaller and simpler ones available, but my fingers don't like them ;)

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