Apr 10, 2012

Best Housewarming Party Ideas

A housewarming celebration is a time to introduce your friends, family and neighbours to your new home. There are a lot of different ways that you can throw a housewarming party, so here are a few great ideas that will help you make yours a party to remember.

Chore-Themed Parties

Housewarming parties that are chore-themed are a great way to celebrate, spend time with friends and family, and get important tasks done at the same time. Be careful whom you invite to these parties, however, because you only want people there who are ready and willing to do you a favour.

Moving Party
If you are moving a short-distance, your housewarming party could start out with a moving convoy where everyone transfers a car-load of boxes from your old home to your new one. Many hands make light work, but try to limit the number of trips everyone will have to make. At the end of the moving, you should have refreshments waiting for your guests, and
gift hampers for those who helped you out.

Unpacking Party
Inviting people to help unpack boxes can be a fun, casual party. Generally, the kitchen and the living room are the best rooms for this as everyone will be in the same area, and no one will have to go through your more personal items. Make sure to treat your guests to lots of good food, drinks and gifts to keep the event feeling more like a party, and less like work.

Housecleaning Party
Scrubbing floors, washing windows and vacuuming carpets are all activities that are more fun when friends are doing it together - they will get done much faster too. Make sure to have good food for everyone to snack on throughout the day, and lots of good music!

Redecorating Party
Throwing a redecorating party is especially useful if you have family or friends who have special abilities when it comes to home care. Small renovations, painting, interior design and lawn care are examples of things you may need to take care of before officially moving in, and are things that are better to work on when you have experienced help.

Traditionally Themed Parties

Traditional housewarming party ideas showcase the entire home as the central attraction. Normally, these parties would come soon after you have officially moved in to your new home and have things set up the way you want them.

Open House Party
This is a very popular type of party, as guests can come and go as they please throughout the day. You can then spend more one-on-one time with friends and family as you give individual tours through your new home.

Block Party
Organising a party for the whole neighbourhood not only introduces your friends and family to your new home, but also introduces you to your new neighbours. This is a great opportunity for you to establish yourself as a new member of the community.

A potlatch party is always a great idea simply because you won’t have to unpack your kitchen and serve all your guests right away. Asking guests to bring their favourite food or
gift baskets to share will not only create a fun dinner party theme, but will also ensure you have some leftovers to eat during the gruelling days of unpacking.
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