Apr 9, 2012

How to Climb Up the Wait List for the Perfect Pooch

The saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know” reigns true in the world of pedigree pooches.

I recently experienced this when I applied for a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy. Thinking that a furry little addition to my family was merely a couple of months away, I was surprised to hear that I would need to jump through a few hoops to even be considered.

This might sound frustrating if you have recently become rid of removalists and moved into a new place or kit home… and are waiting for a furry little friend to accompany you.

However, keep in mind that breeders often make the purchase process fraught with a few minor difficulties, not because they want to complicate things, but mostly because they want to know that their puppies are going to good homes.

Many breeders will give those who are in the running for one of their puppies a questionnaire to complete. If you are an experienced dog owner and you can create a lifestyle that is enjoyable for the dog, then you will jump through this first hoop with flying colours. Having said that, if it is down to the wire (in some cases it is), then you want to put your best foot forward.

Here are some of the more complicated questions our breeder asked us and how we replied.

1.Why are you interested in purchasing this dog?
We are a young couple who recently became engaged and bought our first home - a two-storey house with a big backyard screaming for a dog to play around in it. We have wanted a dog for quite some time but we wanted to wait until the time was right.

We love this breed as we have had them before so we are well versed in the requirements of this breed.

2.How many members are there in your family and what are their ages? This includes other pets.

We are a young couple without children so it would be just our new beloved dog and us. Having said that, we have family and friends who live close by who are often at our place. Some of them have puppies so we are excited to socialise our new pup with them.

3.What is the size of your yard? Is it fully fenced and secure?

We have a decent yard approximately the size of 600 square metres of level land and it is fully fenced and secure. We also have an undercover patio and a laundry room which the pup will have full access to when out in the backyard.

4.What other exercise will you give your dog?

Having had this breed before, we know how important it is for these dogs to get exercise and to socialise with other dogs. We live close by to dog-friendly (off the leash) parks, waterways and beaches and we can’t wait to spend our mornings at them with our new dog.

Our dog will have daily walks (finishing at an off the leash park run around) in the morning and a walk during the evenings. We will take our dog (once it is a bit older) to waterways and beaches on the weekend – hoping it will share our love of the water.

5.Where do you expect your dog to sleep?

Initially we plan on using your crate technique and then gradually moving the puppy into it’s own cushy area in the laundry which overlooks our backyard.

6.What plans do you have for training your puppy?

Initially we will take it to puppy training classes together. We are so keen that we have already researched a couple of programs offered by local Vets and have made enquiries about them… very exciting!

As you can see from the responses above, you need to sell yourself! Be truthful, but include all of those little details that will help your case. Good luck.
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