Apr 17, 2012

Home Renovations: 5 People that Make It Happen

So you’ve caught those Better Homes and Gardens mags when you were shopping at Woolies and started eying off a kitchen. Then you took a second glance at some new timber flooring as you passed the flooring store. Then your youngest asked for their own room. And it was all over, the fall into renovation began!

Renovating is a great way to keep your location, your neighbourhood and the things you love about your home, but get the room, the makeover and the update you require. Let’s not beat around the bush, it’s a lot of work, and if you decide to do some of it yourself, it’s a lot more work. And stress. And drama. But if you do insist on cutting dollar corners and adhering to your budget by cutting corners on professionals, there are five people you should not overlook, as they truly are what will make or break this project!

1. The council
Some people, if they think they can get away with it, will skip the local council, in order to avoid fees and charges they just don’t want to pay. Well, while they may seem ridiculous on occasion and a waste of money, they are necessary, and it really isn’t worth the risk. The council is the first group of people that will make your renos happen, or have them pulled up short!

2. Builder
Seriously, don’t skimp on the builder and think you can do it yourself. If you love your home and want to make it beautiful and even more fitting for you and your family for coming years, this is one guy you definitely need. As well as helping you with plans and letting you know what’s realistic, they understand the entire process, can give you realistic expectations, and if you keep communication lines open and be specific, will be able to fit your budget.

3. Electrician
electrical services is another job people think they can do themselves, but be realistic, electricity is a health hazard, so do it right. Negotiate the best price with your chosen tradie, and watch how they complete the job quickly and efficiently – much more efficient than you stumbling around in the dark roof wondering which wire goes where.

4. Plumber
Has your toilet ever overflowed onto the bathroom floor? Want it to? If not, don’t bypass the professional plumber. Like the electrician, they are qualified for a reason, and will ensure everything is done correctly at the start, so you don’t have problems with your new renos, later.

5. Cabinet maker
Finally, if you’re going to put in a new kitchen especially if it’s not a kit kitchen – but even if it is, get a cabinet maker to do it. These guys are pedantic about fitting things in flush, not a millimetre out. Would you even notice if your kicks, benches tops or cupboards were a mil out? No? Well your plates will as they slide off and onto the floor!

At the end of the day, you can save a few bucks, but probably spend them later on fix its, or you can invest a little extra now, and get it right. While you may want to do your driveway yourself, or your garden, don’t overlook professionals when it comes to electricians in Sydney, plumbers, cabinet makers and builders.
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Cross Laminated Lumber said...

Great points. Regular home improvement jobs and renovations will surely make your current living conditions more favorable. People do not easily notice that some areas of the house need improvement. In the long run, regular maintenance will reduce the serious structural damages to your property.

Charlene said...

Very true. Home renovation can be costly and challenging thus it needs research and thorough planning of a homeowner. The purpose of renovating is a house varies. It can be for value increase, family size or change of atmosphere and style. You can do this alone if you feel you have the skill and talent but it would be wiser, practical and less costly if you hire professional experts to do the work.

Canada Log Homes said...

One thing that it is important to realize is that your home is a continuous investment that you should put money into over the years to preserve and even increase its value over time. By doing this, not only can you enjoy having an updated home, but if you ever decide to place your house on the market, you can ensure that you can make a profit off of it upon selling it.

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