Apr 11, 2012

Finding Accommodation for Overseas Visitors

Having guests come to visit from overseas can be a lot of fun, though it can prove to be a stress, if it means having a house full of people for too long. That’s why getting your guests their own digs can be the best idea – apart from making it a more manageable visit for you, it will allow them the freedom to have a bit of time alone as well. The following are some suggestions for accommodating your visiting overseas guests:
Serviced ApartmentIf your guests will be staying for more than a couple of days, they may want a way to be able to do their own cooking and so on. If this is the case,
serviced apartments would be the way to go. Your guests will still be able to spend lots of time hanging out with you, and they will be able to retreat to their own pad to relax and have some time alone.

HostelThis can be a fantastic option, as younger guests are likely to be happy staying in the dorms, while you can also book a private room for older guests or those who would prefer the privacy. The hostel will provide any and all of the information your guest may need for their time in the city, and they are sure to make a few friends while they are moving through the hostel.

B&BIf your guests like a little more luxury and comfort in their accommodation, check them into a local bed and breakfast. This will provide them with all of the comforts of a regular house, without them feeling like they are imposing on your home and personal space.

House SittingKeep an ear out for other friends who may be going away on holiday around the time that your guest arrives – if you are lucky, you may be able to line your guest up with a house sit through your friends. This is the best scenario for anyone trying to house guests, as there is nothing better than having your own home for your stay. It will also help the absent homeowners, as they won’t have to worry about their home sitting empty and vulnerable while they are away.

Granny FlatsIf you are lucky enough to have a granny flat on your property, this is an amazing convenience for when you have visitors. Your guests won’t feel like they are imposing if they aren’t even in your house. You will all have your much needed space, but you will still be close.

Don’t stress out too much over your guest’s
accommodation, as they are here to see you, and will be more than happy with whatever accommodation you are able to provide for them. A place that is safe and comfortable is the main thing, and the closer it is to your place, the better!
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