Apr 17, 2012

Safety around the Home – Common Accidents to Look Out For

Accidents often occur around the home and they usually can be easily avoided. Children are particularly vulnerable and if you have small children it is important to child-proof your house. You can be alerted against more serious accidents, such as house fires, if you have the proper alarm systems, such as smoke alarms. With other types of accidents it is merely a case of being vigilant and having a good look around your home to see what is potentially dangerous.

If you have tiles or timber floor boards throughout your home you need to watch out for these surfaces becoming slippery when wet. When wet it is easy to slip and fall over and quite easily break a bone. Children, who often run through the house, are especially prone to slipping over. This is also the case if you have tiles outside, particularly around a pool. If you are going to have tiles outside choose those with a non-slip texture, like sand stone. Pay careful consideration to what you choose if you are going to be laying them around a pool area. Mop up any spills inside as soon as possible and put down a bathmat in the bathroom to soak up any water so you can avoid having a slippery floor.

Unfortunately many drowning deaths occur in family homes, most of these being children. If you have a swimming pool you run the risk of a drowning occurring, but very young children can also quite easily drown in a small amount of water in the pool. Children should never be left unsupervised while they are in or around water, which includes both swimming pools and when they are in the bath. It is important that they are not left alone and that someone is always watching them.

Stairs can be dangerous and can be a problem for older people and very young children. Be careful that there are no toys are other items left where someone can trip and fall down the stairs. You need to have a hand rail and if you have young children you should put a child-proof gate at the top of the stairs and at the bottom.

Many household items can be potential poisons. Laundry detergent, dish washing tablets, medications and other household cleaners are all dangerous if consumed. If you have young children all chemicals, household cleaners and medications should be put up in cupboards that are well out of reach or they should be locked away.

Anyone where you need to watch small children. As well as being burnt on heaters or because of open fire places, children can also be burned by hot water. Hot drinks should always be put well out of reach of young children and you should set the temperature on your hot water system to a cooler temperature. You should not have boiling hot water coming out of your taps. You need to have proper guards for heaters and also a fire guard for any open fire place.


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