Apr 13, 2012

Tips for a Cheaper, Cooler Home

If you are wasting money by cooling your home with your air conditioner, there are ways to make it more economical. To start with, you need to check your air conditioner to make sure it is working efficiently. Also think about when you actually run the air conditioner, as well as that more than just the security doors are shut.

There are a few main issues that cause you to spend too much to cool your home:
● The condition of your air-conditioning system.
● The timing of your air-conditioning system.
● Keeping out the heat.
● Airing your home at night.

Cleaning Your Air Conditioner
The condition of your air conditioner will not only affect how cold the air is in your home but also the quality of that air. An unclean filter can not only make the air smell musty but can also carry bacteria that cause illness. Make sure you clean out the filter regularly as this will also allow easier airflow.

The next thing you really need to do is get your air-conditioning system serviced. While this will cost you some money, it will also save you some in the long run. A proper technician can help sort out re-gassing your system as well as fixing any small or major problems.

Running Your Cooling System Earlier
If you want to have a nice cool house without the massive costs, it pays to start your air-conditioning earlier. You see, if you cool your house down in the morning (when it is already cool) then the air-conditioning does not have to work too hard to keep it at that temperature. But if you only turn your air conditioner on when it gets really hot, you will end up paying more because your system then has to work overtime to bring the temperature down. Make sure you set your air conditioner to cool to a certain temperature – setting it to just two degrees higher than usual can save you a lot of money.

Closing Blinds and ShuttersShutters and blinds are the best way to keep heat out of your home in warm weather. Keeping a dark house in summer is the best way to keep it cool although you will be sacrificing some breezes. If you have the air conditioner on it won’t really matter too much anyway.

While outdoor shutters are great at blocking the sun and heat, their metal construction can sometimes be a bit warm. This is where a double-insulating effect of some heavy curtains will help you a lot. Make sure the curtains are nice and dark so they can block light getting through and heating your home.

Airing Your Home
It is also important if you are running the air conditioner all day to air your home when you get the chance. Do this during cooler periods, such as at night, and this will get your home ready for any hot weather the next day.
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