Apr 24, 2012

Tips for Making a House a Home

What exactly is the difference between a house and a home? Well, a house is somewhere you eat and sleep, while a home is somewhere you live, love and experience life. Decorating your house can help make it a home, but it takes more than beautiful furniture and flowers to really make you love it. Usually, the missing ingredient is time – the more time we spend in a home, the closer we grow to it.

Changing Your Decor
If you have just moved into a house, it is important to make your mark on it as soon as you can. Start doing little things if you cannot afford to renovate extensively. You can easily add some warm colours, family photos and comfy furniture to give it an instant homely feel.
Using Plants and Flowers
Using plants and flowers will bring a sense of cleanliness to a home. Plants are living organisms, and they will actually make your air cleaner. You can have flowers delivered on a regular basis to add a touch of colour to your home as well, if you like. Some people do opt for fake flowers and plants, because they do not need any maintenance. However, you will be aware of the difference, and nothing can replace the genuine article. If you grow and care for your houseplants, you can be proud of them and they will become part of your home.

Updating Your Furniture
Having cold and utilitarian furniture can make a home look modern, but is it comfortable? If you have a family, look at family-friendly furniture that is hard-wearing and make sure you avoid any easily stained colours or material. Using wooden, rustic furniture will bring comfort and durable, family-proof functionality.

Making Your Home Comfortable
Your house may have an entertaining area that looks good, but to make your house a home you should create an entertaining area where people will actually want to spend time in and enjoy. A simple way to do this is by adding lots of pillows and replacing any really worn-out furniture.

Whatever you do within your home, it should follow your heart’s desire. You do not need to be up-to-date with all the current trends to make your home special. The most important thing to remember is that you need to be happy in it, as you will be the one living there.
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